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Work experience

Jul 2007Dec 2011

National Account Manager

Adecco Portugal
Responsible for commercial development of corporate accounts including Strategic Accounts team service coordination as well as drafting of proposals and financial analysis.Perform various and all duties associated with being international point of contact for company.P&L responsibility.
Feb 2006Jul 2007

Head of Branch - Contact Centers Unit

Adecco Portugal

Responsible for client retention as well as service delivery managers in clients operations.Prospect for new clients.Manage recruitment team.P&L responsibility.

Oct 1999Jan 2006

Contact Center Operations

Adecco Portugal

Started as a Call Center Operator then promoted to Team Leader, and in the last 2 years (2004 e 2005) with responsibility of Business Unit Manager of Adecco Outbound Operations.


Mar 2012Apr 2013


SN Business School


Paulo Canoa

I had the great opportunity to count with Emanuel in my team. There are 3 words that best define how valuable was to work with him: Resilience, Commitment and Loyalty. Resilience, due to the fact that even in the worst situations (crisis, tough negotiations, etc), he was the first to “raise head” and to be always on a “working hands” position. Commitment, due to his unlimited sense of belonging to the company and management, and ; Loyalty not only regarding the company but specially the Loyalty that he was able to create with the clients. Nowadays, if you have such a colleague in your team you feel secure to face storms and to be able to build a strong team, like WE did, achieving the award for the “Best Company in the Services Industry”. Thanks Emanuel

Bruno Berenguer

Emanuel was probably the most valuable asset on the relationship between Adecco & Microsoft. As my key contact, i always counted on his expertise, his down to earth common sense, and his infatigable committment on delivering a superior service. Never loosing sight of the end results and trully customer oriented, he was always the one to turned to when i wanted solutions!

Tito Serradas Duarte

Emanuel is someone that I watched growing in Adecco. From call center operator to Key Account, highly skilled, growing with a lot of consistency and always learning and developing into the different roles. He is a person that I always counted on and never let me down. I can say that he is a rare combination of hard worker, creative and good friendship as well as objective oriented

Porfirio Saleiro

“I have had the opportunity to work with Emanuel Martins in Adecco. He was of great help and value, coming with ideas and solutions, making the projects running into a reallity. From my experience it is difficult to have a person with his capabilities. He can be inovative and at the same time adusting the ideas to the reality of the business and the context. It was a great pleasure to work with him, Emanuel Martins is also very strong in commercial matters