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IT Trainer and Freelancer with the sense of responsibility and leadership skills. Develop, advance and maintain the IT School Equipment. Enthusiastic, resourceful, with academic background in communications as a teacher and a trainer, work sometimes as freelancer in Video and Web Design, and in maintaining ERP customers. I belong to the Rotaract Club of Oliveira do Bairro and to the Nucleus of Photography of Anadia, I am associate member of the Dorfeu, I am blood and medulla-donor.

Work experience

ICT Coordinator, Trainer

Ministério da Educação

Coordinator ICT/ ETP (Schools Group of Anadia, 2008/2009);Teacher/ Trainer:Diagnosis and Repair of Computer Equipments ( Secondary School of São Pedro da Cova, (2010/2011);Installation and Maintenance of Microcomputers (Secondary School of Santa Comba Dão, 2009/2010);ICT  and Project Area (Schools Group of Anadia, 2008/2009);Internet and Intranet  Networks Management(Marques Castilho Secondary School, 2007/2008); Computer Applications and Exploration Systems and Languages and Programming(Secondary School of  Santa Comba Dão 2009/2010) STC and ICT in New Opportunities Centre of the Secondary School of Oliveira do Bairro (2009/2010);Mediator and Trainer of AA and ICT of the AET Course  B2 (School B2 and 3 of Vagos, 2006/2007). ICT AET B2 (EB 2,3 Grão Vasco and Escola B2 and 3 of Vagos,  2006/2008);

Feb 2010Present

Trainer in Information and Communication Technologies at IEFP


Adult Education and Training B 2,3 Gardening 200 hoursAdult Education and Training B3 Machinery and Tools 300 hours.Adult Education and Training Techniques of Table and Bar Service 100 hours

Jan 2007Present



Diagnostic and Computer Repair, peripherals and printers.Maintaining in Operating Systems. Linux (Web Servers and LTSP), Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003).Virtualization of Operating Systems (Wmare)Planning, Installing and Management of Informatics Networks and Web Servers.  Web Design Porjects.


Sep 2004May 2007


Universidade de Aveiro

Computer Networks;Office Tools;Webdesign;Photography;Programming in Action Script, Lingo and ASP;Database;VideoAnimation;