Professional Summary

Software Development Manager with a thorough hands-on experience in all levels of programming, management and Healthcare information standards.

 Thorough knowledge of the complete software development process and able to take a project from initial start-up and analysis to completion of production deployment and support.

Experience in architecting and design/development of applications.

 16 years in Software development at HealthCare solutions companies gaining a massive experience in Healthcare workflow systems.

 Leading Paxeramed Development team to deliver the best quality of service which ranked Paxeramed Corp as one of the leading Healthcare solutions provider worldwide.

Work experience

Work experience

Software Development Manager

Jan 2009 - Jan 2016
Paxeramed Corp.
  • Lead and manage a team of application engineers and software developers overseeing and motivating them to build high quality applications and Features.
  • Analyse and develop product requirements and develop software to meet those functional needs.
  • Manage product development budget, resource allocation and scheduling.
  • Recruit and mentor Software Development team members.
  • Directing and motivating the development team to achieve product development goals, objectives and milestones.
  • Work with senior management and executive staff to develop cohesive plans for the development of innovative software products.
  • Managing sales and technical teams to reach the defined goals for the products.
  • Creating and managing the Cloud PACS project “PaxeraUltima”.
  • Innovating the new Patient Engagement mobile app “CarePassport”.
  • Supervising and distributing tasks during the implementation of “CarePassport”
  • Managing the development of “DICOM Universal Viewer” project.
  • Supervising on the Implementation of IHE XDS-I.b source and consumer profiles.
  • Supervising on implementation of Paxera VNA solution.
  • Supervising on the creation of technical documents like DICOM conformance statements, HL7 Statement, HIPAA.
  • Managing the enhancements and optimization in PaxeraServer (PACS Server) product.
  • Management and development in PaxeraRIS (Radiology Information system) product.
  • Implementing IHE profiles and attending IHE Chicago 2009

                    - Scheduled Workflow (Image Manager)

                    - Patient Information Reconciliation (Image Manager)

                     - Access to Radiology Information (Image Manager)

  • Implementing IHE profiles and attending IHE Chicago 2010
  • Mammography Image (Image Manager/Image Display)
  • Consistent Presentation of Images (Image Manager/Image Display/Evidence Creator)
  • Key Image Note (Image Manager/Image Display/Evidence Creator)
  • Implementing IHE profiles and attending IHE Turkey 2014
  • b (Document Consumer)
  • XDS-I.b (Imaging Document Consumer, Imaging Document Source)
  • Audit Trail and Node Authentication (Secure Application)
  • Consistent Time (Document Consumer)
  • Attending RSNA since 2009 to 2015
  • Attending SIIM since 2010 to 2015
  • Attending Arab health conferences since 2009 to 2015

Software Developer

Jan 2009 - Sep 2015
MillenTech company
  • Systems integration between different Healthcare IT systems through DICOM and HL7 Standards and based on IHE Profiles.
  • Onsite installation for PACS/RIS.
  • Implementation of the PACS/RIS workflow.
  • Provide an on-site application Training to End users and distributors on the whole workflow and different system applications.
  • Implementing PaxeraRIS product which is a Radiology information system which is responsible for managing healthcare information using Delphi 7.
  • Implementing PXBroker product which is an HL7 interface that communicates with HealthCare Information systems using Delphi 7.
  • Implementing PXReport product which is a reporting system for Radiologists using Delphi 7.
  • Implementing PaxeraWeb product which is a Web enabled DICOM Viewer development using Delphi 7.
  • Implementing Data Migration solution.
  • Integration with Third Parity vendors (iSite Philips).

Technical Skills

- SQL, Pascal, C#, Java,, HTML, JavaScript.

Operating Systems
- UNIX, Mac OS X, Windows, IOS.

Development Environments and Tools
- Netbeans 8, Delphi 5, Delphi 7, Delphi 2007, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server.

- SQL Administrator, TCP/IP, MCSE certified.

Healthcare Standards
- Thorough knowledge of DICOM, HL7 standards and IHE different domains and profiles.
- A strong experience in systems integration operations between Healthcare Information systems, PACS and information systems (RIS, HIS, EMR, EHR).
- Thorough knowledge of HIPPA standard.



Oct 1915 - Present
Cairo University