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Best Articles

Initiative Taken This Year

1.  Festival of Fools

Nobody could cover the Festival of Fools because it was on a Friday, and I'll be honest, I didn't want to cover it either because of that same reason. But I thought, whatever, who cares if everyone else is enjoying their Friday, I'll make my deadline for sure and it can't be that bad. It turned out being not that bad. Some of the skits were pretty funny, and I felt better when I saw my friend in Yearbook  covering it and Jackson taking photos, so it wasn't like I was completely alone. And besides that, I feel as though you aren't truly part of the class if you haven't taken initiative at least once and covered an event when nobody else would because isn't that what journalists do? You can't predict every event that's going to happen so sometimes you just have to get out there and do it. 

2. Speech and debate nationals 

Kienna asked whether Veronica would be able to write it and she said no, because she was busy that week. So I decided to take it even though I was busy because I knew the people I had to interview so it would be easy. It was still a lot of work though, because I had to balance writing and interviewing time with studying for an algebra and chemistry test . The whole article didn't go up, due to communication issues, but part of it went to Rachel's article, so that was good. I wasn't disappointed because I received 25 points for it and you can't cry over everything.

Character Traits

 Being resourceful is the most appealing trait to me because it shows that you're passionate. Being resourceful is being clever, and anyone can be clever especially when under pressure or in a crisis. The whole journalism class is resourceful. When the features section had difficulty finding article topics, we would go online and look at other online newspapers, but we would rarely get ideas from these. So I decided to to just search "features article ideas for a high school newspaper" which was simple, but it worked. It made me proud to be resourceful like the rest of the class.  The whole class showed plenty of resourcefulness this year, whether it was tracking people down for an interview, or finding shocking statistics online for an opinion article. It always amazes me how the photographers take their photos. Since most of the photos have to look natural, they make use with what light and shadow or surroundings they have. That's impressive.


Hurdler for Buena track, golfer for Buena as well.

I do community service for the Surfriders & Santa Barbara Channel keepers.


Researching skills
I've become good at scanning through writing to find the facts and statistics that I'm looking for. I've also become skilled at separating the quality of information. I'm better at judging whether a source is reliable or not.
Talking to people
I learned how to asking questions in  a certain order is important to get more response from people.      
Quality writing
I have fewer grammar and spelling errors than last year and I learned how to create good writing structures.