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A graceful professional dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music and a creative ability to express themselves through movement. Having good health and excellent physical stamina as well as an ability to work as part of a team with other singers, performers, artists and actors. Harmonize body movements to rhythm of musical accompaniment. Multi-skilled and able to translate those skills into movement that expresses ideas and stories.

Profissional Experience

Sep 2013Present

Dancing Teacher

Since that date, I give dance classes in institutes and academies, do training and internships, realize workshops and travel to acquire more knowledge in this area.

Jan 2015May 2015


Program "So you think you can dance?"

A choreographer, like me, is the professional who creates inventive dance moves. Hereby dance and body gestures express my dreams and ideals, telling my stories together with music, developing movements in and developing both musical and choreographic performances. The choreography is the craft of producing sequences of movements that ultimately result in dance.

Normally, any choreographer also acts as a dance teacher, but as the guiding transmits to his students different modalities of established and well-known dances, the choreography expert creates movements, renewing the pool steps and body gestures. Subsequently, the expert teaches them interested in learning to dance, mixing old with other movements he invents.

It is essential to know their own bodies, their working conditions, their mechanism of action, and have deep notions about the execution of the dances learned or designed.


Sep 2008Jun 2013

High School Graduation

Dance Academy in Oporto


Team Work
Visual Arts
Sight Reading
Body Coordination