Based in Elmhurst, Illinois, Elmhurst Animal Care Center presents a thorough pet care service from medical veterinary attention to day care, boarding, grooming, and training. Professionals at Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s pet grooming services possess a wealth of experience. Pets at Elmhurst Animal Care Center receive soothing and relaxing baths to remove dirt, debris, and pet odor. Additionally, the medicated baths sooth itching, remove fleas and ticks, and de-skunk any unfortunate pets. Following baths, Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides anal gland expression, styling, and coat conditioners, as well as nail trimming and ear cleaning services. In collaboration with Chicago- based The Fine Canine, a dog training school, Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers puppy training, dog obedience, therapy, and behavior counseling classes. With a well-rounded group of training programs, Elmhurst Animal Care Center and The Fine Canine utilize positive methods of instruction to better support the pet-owner relationship. Concentrating on socialization, leadership, and distraction exercises, Elmhurst Animal Care Center and The Fine Canine help owners improve relationships with their pets while providing insight into any undesired behaviors exhibited by the dog. If owners cannot be with their pets for a certain amount of time, even an extended period, Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers boarding services for felines and canines. The boarding program includes meals, exercise, playtime, grooming, and affection. Dogs are also part of the Elmhurst Doggie Day Care and socialize, with the owner’s permission, with other members of the programs. Feline boarding members inhabit a condo or suite complete with music, television, climate control, litter boxes, play space, and outside views. Canines have two options for boarding: Dog Suites and Lake Shore Suites. Complete with skylights, good ventilation and climate control, clean floors, room service, music, and lambskin bedding, the Elmhurst Animal Care Center Dog Suites are luxurious accommodations for pets when owners are away. The Lake Shore Suites include previously mentioned services and include extra large living space, private exercise area, and a daily report on activities and well-being.

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