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Sacramento City college student in Sacramento, CA

Jun 20122015

Poll Worker -Ballot Officer

Office of the Registrar, County of Sacramento

my part as a register was to show voters a comfortable booth to fill out their ballots, to supply voters with the proper tools to fill out ballots

Aug 2012Nov 2012

Concession stand Asst.Customer service and Host

Esquire IMAX theatre   

Job duties consist of cleaning the lobby area and making sure  3-D glasses are cleaned for the next crowd of people.To announce the next movie presentation, as well to keep the seating area inside theater picked up.  

Jun 2005Mar 2005

Skycap- Passenger Escort

Olympic Security/Southwest Airlines

Escorting the passengers to and from the terminal gates safely as possible in wheelchair, to make sure the clients luggage is picked up then to proceed to there destination 


Jan 20152015

Sacramento City College

My chosen major this Fall semester is  Graphic Communications. Recent  study last semester was Human Career Development and received a B grade. This Fall semester  I'm aiming to complete  12.00 units a the  West Sacramento City college  campus.

Jan 1997Jul 2000

High School Diploma earned

Rio Cazadero High School