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Work experience

My Three Best Works

Foothill Dragon Press

My first work includes pictures that I took for a Fashion article on a girl named Daysi Perez 

link to article:

My second work includes a video that I did with my partner Maddy for the Lake Casitas Rowing team:

link to video:

My second work and Video is a video that my partner and I filmed on the incoming freshmen at Foothill Technology High School.

Link to article;


In Journalism I signed up for Videography, however I soon learned that I yearned to hold a picture camera instead of a video camera. Shortly after my first video I was greatly needed to take pictures for a article on Daysi Perez. It was a fashion article and I had never tried using a huge bulky camera and taking a shot. Well by the end of the day I decided that I would go on a picture taking fashion spree and I did. For two months afterwards, I took pictures for fashion before I moved to videos. If you want to see my work just look at my background picture on my portfolio. 
Filming has been one of my favorite parts with working for the Foothill Dragon Press. I have learned where to position the camera for a great amazing head shot without cutting the person's head off. I learned multiple things this year and I would say that I have come a long way since the beginning of the year. Creating videos have been a joy from the beginning of the year. I have brought my talents far from Journalism and filmed a movie at my house for a group project and I filmed a hilarious video called Prissy Grassland and the Lightning Big, a spoof of the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Examples of Initiative

I have to say that the number 1 example of when I took initiative was when my partner and I went to Lake Casitas and filmed the rowing team out on the water in a speed boat. I never had been on the water with a camera and it really was out of my comfort zone. I had never filmed away from school either. That being said, there was every feeling in my stomach telling my in fear that I should NOT go to the Lake and film, but I did anyway.

My second best example was when Maddy and I decided that we would do a series of videos on people at foothill who had a special talent. I never had the nerve until then to go out of my comfort zone and film something with out my Editors help. A few videos later Maddy and I filmed and edited our video for the first time. The second time, after that, without any help.

Character Trait

I have shown as they say "true courage" when I am filming and meeting knew people. When I started watching frontline and nova when I was small, and started reading the Dragon Press when I was in ninth grade, I would not have believed that in a few short years, I was going to overcome one of my greatest fears. I do not at all like it when I do something out of my comfort zone. Such as going out and filming something for the first time, to driving all the way to Lake Casitas and filming their rowing team out on the water. I have to say, like most people I stayed up very late the night of filming the Lake Casitas rowing team, out of fear. But I filmed them. I concuered my fears and the outcome was courage.


Coding for a 4-H website (2 years)

Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat (Community Service) (3 years)

Loma Vista 4-H in Ventura (4 years)

CSF (2 years)

Horse Back Riding (6 years)

Coding for a Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat website

President of SYFY club

Multimedia Page

The Multimedia section covers all of the pictures and videos for the Foothill Dragon Press.

Multimedia page

Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat Page

This year Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat also known as TOTSOCE, will start on the first of October and end at the beginning of November. We focus on collecting canned food for the needy families.

Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat Page


Loma Vista 4-H is a 4-H club in Ventura,California, our club meets every second Tuedsay of the month at Poinsettia Elementary School in Ventura,CA. Our club follows the school year and meets Sept. through June.We focus on community service,within projects and club meetings.

Loma Vista 4-H Website