Ellie Mullins

Student at Genoa-Kingston High School


I am a freshman at Genoa-Kingston High School. I am very interested in the medical field and would eventually like to grow in that. I would love to take the opportunity of becoming an assistant in order to eventually advance in this line of work.

Work experience

Work experience


2012 - 2015

I am able to work with with adults and kids of all ages which would let me help anyone when they need something.


2014 - 2015

I always get my work done on time and am able to get it done quickly and efficiently which would help me complete my duties in a professional manner.




2015 - 2019
Genoa-Kingston High School

Expected Graduation: 2019




I have a really good memory which would allow for me to remember what I am supposed to do and when I am supposed to do it.


I am really good at staying calm in stressful situations which would help me get done what needs to get done no matter what is happening.

Team Player

I am able to work well with others most of the time, and that would help me to get a big project done on time for work.

Good Communication

I can talk to just about anyone easily which would allow for me to help someone get to where they need to be.


I am able to learn something really quickly which would help me with assisting anyone as they do their jobs.


I am really good at doing exactly what I was told and paying attention to all the details-- no matter how big or small they are.