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I am a passionate and thoughtful writer and filmmaker, eager to seek new ways of channelling my social, political and creative ideas into the medium of film. Film is one of the most powerful gateways for  change and progression and I intend to take every opportunity to exploit it to the fullest. 


Sep 2014Present

Film and TV production

University Of Westminster
Sep 2012Jun 2014

English Language and Literature (A Level),  Film Studies (A Level), Psychology (A Level), Theatre Studies (AS Level).

King Edwards VI College Stourbridge

Awards & Nominations

Winner of "Best Picture" & "Best Director" awards for short social injustice film, 'The Sculpted'. 

Campus Movie Fest Film Festival 2014

Film was also nominated for "Best Editor", "Best Soundtrack", "Best Actress" and "Best Drama".


'The Sculpted' was a short social injustice film I collaborated with Miho on about the practice of female genital mutilation in islamic culture. I wrote the script entirely as a voice over, inviting the audience to hear the thoughts of a victim of FGM, too afraid to speak out, involving them as much as possible in the the torturous reality of living with the consequences of circumcision. I and Miho directed and shot the production together, experimenting with imagery which uncomfortably echoed the practice of FGM. 'The Sculpted' won Best Picture and Best director at the Campus Movie Fest awards ceremony, and was received with extreme shock and discomfort (which was our main intention). I am extremely passionate about creating films which educate the public in the injustices of modern society and seek to make change through gripping and innovative style and content. My earlier experimental film 'Doll Face' which I shot in a night around the streets of Berlin seeks to be a playful and sinister flirtation with the presence of misogyny in modern society; I experimented with the figure of the Popart doll as a symbol of the reduction of women to images of mass culture.


Directing specialisation
Co-directed 'The Sculpted' with my partner Miho Soon, as well as 'Doll Face' and several group projects at my univeristy. 
Screen Play writing specialisation
Experience in writing several short film screen plays, including 'The Sculpted'; a social injustice film on FGM, 'Current'; a short psychological, sci-fi focused on youth culture set in a dystopian city governed by technology in the future and 'Hairy Divinity' a short dark comedy drama, which takes a modern twist on the mythical tale of Samson and Delilah.