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Elizabeth Breitenbach is a renaissance woman who’s lived in Texas for a good long while. She studyed Art History in Wichita State University, she knows of what she speaks. Her passion is and has been for the arts for as long as she could remember, and rather than just settle for one, she has a passion for several. These hobbies include flower arrangement, cooking, exercise, photography, architecture, British literature, opera, theatre, concerts, and more. These are all informed by a lifelong love of learning and a continual passion to excel in everything that she does.Just to give an example: a couple of years ago, she was put in charge of setting up the flowers for a dinner party hosted by one of her relatives. During the party, a lawyer who was in attendance noted her work. He was impressed with it, and invited Breitenbach to decorate his home for Christmas. It was a very large and expansive home, and she only had the chance to visit it once. Working with the budget she’d been given, she was able to perfectly match the color palate set forth by her patron. Not only that, but she did so over the course of two days, and finished the job under budget as well. The lawyer, impressed with her, asked how much she would charge for such service. Having no concept of what she might have earned, she finally requested that he make a donation to Nets for Life, a malaria net charity helping villages in the country of Malawi.This, in other words, is an artist who does what she does for love. She doesn’t do it for fame or for her own promotion. She does what she does because she loves to do it, and if it can help other people then all the better.