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Elizabeth Tudor

  • Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, United Kingdom

Queen of England


I was well educated as a child, and taught how to read and write by Katherine Champernowne. When I was in my teen years, I could speak Latin, Greek, French, Italian, and of course English.


Sep 1558Jan 1603

Queen of England

United Kingdom

Earned love from the English people

  • Becoming Queen
  • Founding the church of England.
  • Supported the poor
  • Supporting explorers to explore overseas
  • Encouraged Arts and Literature amongst the English people.
  • Fought off rebellions and invaders.


I was known as a strong leader, a supporter, and a kind person. Another skill I have is the ability to play the spinet and lute very well, and even compose a little. I also speak five languages (English, Latin, Greek, French, and Italian).

Objective Statement

I think I would be a good leader for Tyranistan for different reasons. I would like to rule a nation that was full of the arts and literature. I would also support the poor by helping them survive with food and a house. Also, I would like to have a firm hold on the country and be able to defend it when needed. And finally, I want the people of Tyranistan to like me as a leader and respect me.


Sir William Cecil (Chief Secretary of State) Francis Walsingham (Replacement Secretary of State)