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Work experience

23 Mar 2015Present

Data Gatherer

Momenta Group on behalf of Deloitte

This position is a contracting role based in Glasgow city centre working within a fast paced, target driven office. Specifically, the job is to analyse letters of complaints from lawyers, companies and individuals which are then used to gather the necessary data from the company's multiple systems; cross reference and present an entire file complete with all the information required in order for an investigator to make a decision on the complaint. Working closely with all Microsoft packages and  company specific systems, my role is made easier with high levels of accuracy, knowledge of the company and understanding the specifics of every complaint received.

12 Mar 201631 Jul 2016

Air Crew and Receptionist (Temporary Position)

Air Space

This trampoline park has given me a whole range of experiences and responsibilities from welcoming customers at the door and guiding them to the correct queue to supervising and coaching their activities in the park. There are a range of duties expected of me while on duty for example; checking in customers who have pre-booked, presenting the safety brief in front of groups, maintaining and checking the equipment, cleaning and organising working areas and most importantly ensuring the WOW factor with every customer interacton.

7 Jul 20142 Mar 2015

Au Pair (Temporary Experience)

The Holtzscherer Family

My role is to engage the four children within this family in English activities until the youngest is allocated a permanent nursery place. My main duties within this role are to care of the children(aged 8, 6, 2 and newborn) when the parents are not around. This includes every aspect of daily life from waking up the children to putting them in bed and everything in between e.g. healthcare, hygiene, time management and having fun. While undertaking this role I also studied French at the local university.

22 Oct 201230 Jun 2014

Account Executive


This role was based in South Shields and my responsibilities were to make phone calls relating to telephone, broadband and television offers to bring previous customers back to the company. I worked in an extremely targeted environment where I exceeded expectations and regularly overachieved on the targets set by my employers. As a result, I moved to a different department based in Glasgow which gave me a permanent contract. In Glasgow my responsibilities included dealing with existing customers. These were business customers  which meant I had to develop new techniques and a more professional dialogue.

23 Jul 201215 Oct 2012

The Koetzner Family Au Pair (Temporary Placement)

InterExhchange Au Pair USA

 My role with this family was to provide care for the children of parents who were highly devoted to their work as CEO and CFO of major securities companies in NYC. The children(aged 8, 6 and 2) needed extremely flexible care as their parents spent a lot of time in the city working. I was responsible for all aspects of raising the children from dealing with nightmares in the night, caring for them while sick and ensuring a healthy and balanced diet.

12 Mar 201215 Jul 2012

Personal Banking Advisor Agent (Temporary Contract through Reed)

Lloyds Bank

Based in a call centre in Motherwell, my responsibility was to answer calls from account holders and answer any immediate questions about the company or their accounts. I also was responsible for providing access to specialist departments within the company, discussing new products and upselling whenever an opportunity arose. This role developed my rapport building skills and allowed me to achieve set targets.

7 Nov 201111 Mar 2012

Business Banking Advisor (Temporary Contract through Interaction Recruitment)


 In the city centre of Glasgow, I was part of the Business Banking team who provided a personal service to account holders via phone, email and post. My responsibilities were to maintain the relationship between Santander and the account holders; provide information and advice to customers; ensure the security of customer information through DPA checks and stay within all targets set by the company.

10 Jun 201121 Aug 2011

Camp Counsellor

Camp Med-O-Lark

This role involved having responsibility for the 18 children (aged 13-15) living in my cabin. I also created lessons and ensured the safety of the children during their daily activities. I had additional responsibilities as a ropes instructor and a lifeguard. I was a carer; a confidant; a moderator for disputes; a supervisor and a leader who worked with the camp in providing a fantastic experience for all campers.

18 Aug 200831 Oct 2010

Customer Service and Retentions Agent

British Gas

This position was based in Uddingston and my responsibilities included calling existing customers to gain feedback via a customer satisfaction survey. I excelled in this role and was soon moved to other campaigns and became multi-skilled able to contribute to a number of departments.  Much of my time was spent in assisting customers who had financial issues, this role developed my time management skills.

27 Oct 200717 Aug 2008

Customer Services Representative


This was a part time post based at the "combined desk". The role was based at the combined desk where I dealt with every aspect of sales and returns. I also helped with stick control and maintaining the cleanliness of the work area. I was also trained in checkouts and frequently supported that area during busy periods.


Sep 2015Jun 2016

French Culture and Transactional Language

New College Lanarkshire

This course is an evening course to develop my language and communication skills learned from my time in Lion-sur-Mer and meet francophiles with similar interests and keep up my lingual abilities.

Aug 2014Feb 2015

Diplôme d'études en langue française

Universite de Caen Normandie

This course was part of my position as an Au Pair in Lion-sur-Mer where my focus was on written language, as I was already immersed in the spoken language and culture in the house. This gave me the confidence to write letters and help with the homework and presentations in French.

Sep 2008Jun 2011

BSc Pharmacology

Glasgow Caledonian University

This course taught me about several aspects of biology with 50% of my time spent in a laboratory environment. I participated in modules including but not limited to cell biology, immunology, genetics, physiology, pharmacology. molecular biology, drug action and microbiology.

Sep 2010Mar 2011

Communications 4 & Literacy 1

Cardonald College

There were no spaces in the Higher English classes and so I decided to take this equivalent course at college.

Aug 2003Jun 2008

Highers and Standard Grades

St Aidan's High School

Higher Mathematics – A
Higher Chemistry – A
Higher Graphic Communication – A
Higher Music with Technology – A
Standard Grade Mathematics – 1
Standard Grade Chemistry – 1
Standard Grade Music – 1
Standard Grade Modern Studies – 1
Standard Grade English – 1
Standard Grade Physical Education – 2
Standard Grade Spanish - 2
Intermediate 1 Fashion & Textile Technology - A