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I am currently a sophomore at New London high school. I am also an honor student/ student athlete.  I play varsity basketball, softball, and I may start volleyball next year.  I have maintained somewhere around a 4.0 GPA my entire elementary, middle school, and high school careers.  


Growing up I helped my grandpa around his farm and with the animals.  I attempted to help fix the car or tractor, but I couldn't really learn how until I got a little older.  To this day I go over to my grandpas and help him fix things, mow the lawn, or even just paint the fence or barn.


New London Little League

Ever since I've been too old to play little league I've came out to umpire the younger kids' games.  It can be hard between the parents and coaches wanting to rip your head off for a bad call, but it's a good experience for someone my age to have.



I was the watergirl on the New london boys' Varsity Football team 



-Algebra 1 & 2    -Geometry  -Physical Science  -Biology  -Health                             -3 years of Spanish  -2 years of coll. english  -Interactive media                                --World & American History


-High Honor Roll, four semesters                                                                                             -Gained my academic and varsity letters as a freshman


-Yearbook staff  -2 years of art  -Volleyball -Basketball  -Softball