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Apr 2010Present

Singapore Polytechnic
DTVM Coursework Writing
  • Wrote article 'Fish-farming is the new wave' Year 3
  • Wrote article 'Even Diamonds are worth more than Water Year 3
  • Accredited as co-writer “The Crest of the Sunbears” Animation Video Year 3
  • Conceptualised Game 'Violino" Year 2
  • Co-edited newspaper 'CASS Times' Year 2
  • Wrote column 'Small Things Make A Big Difference' Year 2
  • Co-conceptualised infotainment program “Underground Singapore” Year 2
  • Created and Co-Conceptualised infotainment program “Underground Singapore” Year 2
  • Research paper on BBC Year 2
  • Co-Edited “The Sun Bear” Script animation Year 1 / 2
  • Co-Edited “The Sun Bear” story e-book Year 1
  • Co-wrote and composed a song for children’s story “The Sunbear” Year 1
  • Wrote short story 'I Believe' Year 1
  • Co- Wrote Cinderella Fairytale Remake Year 1
  • Developed original short story 'Flame of Blackmoor' Year 1
  • Co-Wrote Sang Nila Utama Remake Story Year 1
  • Reviewed “The Lovely Bones” in Classifieds 2011
  • Webmaster and Casting Director for infotainment talk show 'We Are Young' Year 3
  • Production Manager for On-Location Production Team Year 3
  • PR Manager for documentary Year 2
  • Directed, wrote and produced 30-second commercial promoting Diploma programme Year2
  • Directed photo-video story Year 1
  • Co-wrote, directed and produced 2 minute infotainment clip for PMEBs Year2
  • Directed and Photographed Photo Video story Year 1
  • Directed and Acted in Photo-Video story Year 1


Soft Skills and Technological Skills
  Language   English and Tamil Conversational German     Software     Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and iBooks Author Creating and composing simple music Web Designing  


Leadership Roles

  • Class Leader for Diploma course 2012
  • Webmaster 2012(Videography Club) 2012
  • Nominated official photographer of DTVM Awards
  • Frontliner at SP Open House
  • Assistant HR Manager 2011(Videography Club) 2011
  • President to 4iCare Project 2011


My interests are: