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Faith driven. 

Work experience


Multi-Titled Server

Royalty Staffing

Royalty Staffing prides itself on providing professional and personable staff that is adaptable to any situation – from experienced wait staff and bartenders to expert captains and chefs.

Our goal is to take the stress  out of staffing your event. We take the most difficult and challenging events  and make them worry free.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or an event of Olympic proportions, our professional staff will make sure your guests are treated like Royalty!



Dog Walker


Provide our clients with the friendliest, safest most trust worthy dog walking experience of their life. We are the Über of the walking world. Clients can order in app, track in real time and receive a full description of every detail including a video/picture of their dog in the report card given at the end. Walkers are held 100% responsible for their own and the dog's safety along with any keys or information about how to enter home to retrieve the fur baby. Lock boxes are given to keep keys safe when not in use. ELISHA8101

2159 India Street, San Diego, CA


Save the Children Fundraiser

New Canvassing Experience

Dedicatedly stop as many people, preferably older, to talk about our cause. If they donate great! If not; try at least three times to really grab their heart strings until they want to then let them go if not. Always TRY. Being positive was a must.


121 Broadway, San Diego CA 92101


Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Specialist

Mt. Graham Safe House

Make sure all our clients are safe and feel protected. Provide a clean homelike save haven for those who underwent abuse. Light paperwork, constant computer use and database inputs. Regular homelike chores and fundraising/donation sorting. 


PO BOX 1202 Safford Az 85548


Independant Sales Ambassador 

Nu Skin

Compose and present enticing captions and before and afters of Nu Skin products. Fill out online paper work, and kindly maintain friendships and clients. Keeping a positive presence on the internet is so fun!


Sandwich Artist


A Sandwich Artist® greets and serves guests, prepares food, maintains food safety and sanitation standards, and handles or processes light paperwork. Exceptional customer service is a major component of this position. Tasks and Responsibilities: Prepares food neatly, accurately and in a timely manner.


750 8th AVE, inside Giant Gas Station, Safford Az 85546


Car Hop

Sonic Drive-In

My duties as a carhop at Sonic included an extensive knowledge of all the menu items, stationery and seasonal. I also used simple math in regards to money and excellent interpersonal skills were a must for customer service. I also took and expedited orders correctly and in a timely fashion.


2241 W. Us Highway 70, Thatcher Az 85552


Sandwich artist


My Subway® was one located inside of a rest stop. I learned to multitask and be aware of both the restaurant and Minute Market® side while working. We were required to perform temperature checks and maintain the cash register with periodic cash outs and safe drops. To stock, prep and prepare food and store items in a timely manor was a daily task; as well as to clean and sanitize the entire workplace. Graduated Subway University® courses.


750 8th AVE, inside Minute Market, Safford, Az 85546


Nursery Worker

Desert Springs Community Church

I looked after children ages five and under while the church was in service. I'm educated in, and have experience caring for infants as young as two weeks. It has helped developed my patience and understanding for others.  Several churches would rent our building for services different days of the week and hire me to care for their babies and young kids, also.


Helpful Hobbies.

Police Fingerprint Clearance Card Verification

Certified: Healthcare CPR/AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens

5 years culinary, advanced culinary and other hands on work

12 years child care education/training 

6 years worship co-leading; can hit a high C above E

Student at Tower Talents Studio West


Teresa Kelley.                                                Royalty Staffing Lead                                                                               619-279-6267.        

Jeanette                                                    Executive Director                                                                         1-928-348-9548                            

Janeane                                                    Giant Gas station Store Manager                                             1-928-322-4819

Doreen Smith                                         Giant Gas station Store Manager                                             1-928-322-1439

Cristina Mitchell                                     Head of The River's Children Church                                     1-928-322-3561  

James Prevatke                                      Head of Worship Team                                                                1-928-215-9173        

George the Manager                            Current Landlord)                                                                               619-348-5496