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To bring a positive and broad outlook to the company. To also provide detailed and organized feedback.


I have over 9 years of experince with management style positions.  I have held many supervisiory positions and managed up to 40 representatives at a time.  I also have experince the Health field as a Home Health Aide.  I am extremely driven and determined.  I have a great amount of dedication in any position that I do.  I am also very dependable and reliable.

Thank you for taking the time to review my profile.

Work experience

Dec 2003Dec 2007

Quality Assurance Supervisior

Jun 2001Dec 2003

Lead Supervisior/Back-up Buisness Manager


Supervised a team of up to 40 Telephone Sales Representatives at any given time.  Managed up to 5 other team supervisiors in the center. 

Filled in for the Center Buisness Manager and all other required duties in their absence.

Communicated daily with Client Services, handled daily reports and announcements.

My team was number 1 in the center for Quality, Production and Hours out of 6 other teams for 6 consecutive months.

Feb 2000Jun 2001

Telephone Sales Representative


TSR of the Month (Telephone Sales Representative) during my first month of employment.  Consistently met and exceeded Quality, Production and Hours.  Assisted supervisiors in training and devolpment of other representatives and managed team members. 


Nicki Smith

Nicki was my previous supervisior and a co-worker while at PRC. 

Kimberly Fox

Kimberly was my previous manager at PRC. 


Jan 2007May 2008

Nursing Pre-requisites

Southeastern Community College

Maintained a 3.45 GPA during my semester. 

May 1996May 1999

University Of Iowa

During my summers in high school I attented the University of Iowa for general studies.  Maintained a 3.0 GPA while taking my general courses.


Computer Skills
I have a great deal of experince with computers.  I am proficient with Excel, Power Point, Word and Vista.  I also am very familiar and knowledgable when dealing with the internet.
I am able to type up to 65 WPM with 95-100% accuracy.