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About Me

Recent Webdev bootcamp graduate who is interested and excited about Fullstack/Backend development.  Db:rollback is my current goto statement when I need to retract what I said.

What inspires me: Female comedians and elegant code solutions. Hopefully I can become the former and write the latter.

What_I_like.sort: Startup podcast, improv, nonfiction books, caffeine


Languages/Libraries: Ruby, Javascript, SQL, Activerecord, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Python scripting, Google scripting

Frameworks/Databases: Rails, Node, Sinatra, Express, Sqlite, Postgres, Mongodb, 

Other: Github, Rspec, APIs, Linux

Some experience in/ Working knowledge : Java,  Maven,  Spring framework


The Shine Experiment

Current final project build on Rails still in development with a team of 2.  Check out the git repo to see our  frequent commits!


Midterm project based roughly on Tumblr blog but with the focus on text. Developed within 4-5 days with Sinatra in a group of 3, meaning I had to quickly pick up using  gitflow and communication in group development to avoid conflicts.


Project involving API calls to Wunderground for weather updates. Mainly written with Javascript & Ajax.  Deployed as github repo for reference. 

Rotten Mangoes

Ruby on Rails project based on Rotten Tomatoes site.  Still in development for Front End portion

Contact List

Small project using Ruby, JS and Ajax calls for a static website. 

Work History

Aug 2015Present

Software Developer


Working in mainly Java environment with large database application. Currently implementing a metrics framework. Also learned to write scripts in python for cron jobs. 

Jul 2013May 2015

Senior Services Representative

Roam Mobility

Started in IT and service support for clients using tools like Magento and Zendesk for services, and mobile middleware for technical troubleshooting. As the company grew and evolved, I took on more responsibilities, eventually being a team lead and integral part of support for a separate branch of the company - ReadySIM. This included social media management using Hootsuite, logistics handling, and helping train  new staff in technical support for use with our mobile  service product.  I also had to report website errors/issues and quickly learned the importance of a clean user interface for customer satisfaction.

Sep 2011Mar 2013

Lab Technican/Research Assistant

Chapman Lab & Hekimi Lab

Duties/Responsibilities: Responsible for running multiple lab experiments and analyzing data. Required meticulous detail for genetic techniques performed while maintaining high efficiency in productivity.


May 2015Jul 2015

Webdev Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

Intensive code and development learning over a 9 week course. 

Sep 2008May 2013

Bachelors of Science

McGill University

Majored in Genetics with minor in English Literature