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Work experience

Oct 2014Present

Molecular Technologist

De Novo Diagnostics

Molecular Technologist at (10 months) Bacterial and viral pathogen testing in stool, urine and sinus swabs. Performed DNA extraction using QIAGEN fast DNA stool kit on stool samples, and Chelex-based extraction on urine. PCR using pathogen specific primer sets. Size determination by QIAGEN Qiaxcel system. Enteric virus/pathogenandrespiratory virus/pathogen determination on Stool and Sinus swab samples using NanoSphere and film array. Performed daily and weekly QA/QC, and necessary paperwork.

May 2015Jul 2015

Clinical Intern

MD Anderson- Molecular Diagnostics Lab

Clinical rotation. recieving clinical training in a wide range of molecular techniques from sample processing to Next Generation Sequencing. training in Research and Development developing and validating clinical assay from initial research and design to assay validation and implimentation.

May 2014Aug 2014

Research Intern

UTMB-Molecular Pathology
Research Intern at (4 months) Participated in Summer Under Graduate Research with Dr. Jianli Dong in the Molecular Pathology Department at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston TX. Received Hands on training and experience in Molecular Genetics and research. Handled workflow from sample selection, acquisition, processing and experimentation(including Next Generation Sequencing and assay troubleshooting) to data management and final analysis.


Aug 2013Aug 2015

Bachelor of Science

University of Texas School of Health Professions

Molecular Genetic Technologies

Aug 2010Jul 2013

Associate of Science

Houston Community College

General Biology/Genetics

Aug 2007May 2009

Blinn College

Communications, English, General Sciences


Other Skills:
    • Ion torrent PGM
    • Micro Array
    • FISH
    • Yield gel quantitation
    • Bioinformatics
      • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis
      • CytoSure- Agilent
      • SureCall- OGT
Laboratory Experience/Skills: ·       
  • Proficient
    • Data collection, entry, analysis and integrity management
    • Statistical analysis
    • Bioinformatics
      • NCBI, Refseq, OMIM, HapMap, Ensemble, Primer 3, Blast, Primer Blast, Mutation surveyor, Oligo-Calc
    • Light microscopy; Equipment calibration; Solution making; Pipetting; Micropipetting
    • Sterile technique, Gram staining, bacterial plating
    • DNA extraction: buccal swabs using Qiagen kits, Circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) extraction from serum/plasma using the Qiagen 24 QiaVac system, Manual (organic and inorganic) DNA/RNA extraction from peripheral blood, Chelex extraction from urine samples, Bacterial DNA extraction using Qiagen fast stool kit, FFPE DNA extraction, RNA Organic Extraction with TRIzol reagent
    • Agarose gel electrophoresis
    • Qiaxcel DNA sizing
    • Both traditional UV spectroscopy and Nanodrop
    • Real-time PCR
    • PCR assay development, Primer design and PCR Optimization & troubleshooting
    • PCR (traditional, multiplex, methylation specific, RT-PCR, emulsion, reverse transcriptase)
    • Bisulfite conversion using manual technique and Epitec bisulfite conversion kit
    • Methylation percentage determination and sequencing using Pyrosequencing
    • Restriction digestion and mapping
    • Sanger sequencing

Research Awards

  • 2nd place in translational category at AMD conference at MD Anderson Cancer Center

March 14th, 2015

Scholastic Organizations/Positions

  • HCC-Central; Student Government Association- vice Chair Fall 2011 – Spring 2012
  • HCC-Central; Science Club- vice Chair (Founding Board Member) Fall 2011 – Spring 2012
  • HCC-Central; OUTSA (Out students and allies) –                Fall 2011 – Spring 2013

SGA (student government association) Representative

  • HCC-Central; CAAB (college activity-fee advisory Board) – Fall 2011- Spring 2012

Voting Board Member/ oversight advisor

  • HCC-SYSTEM- SFAC (Student Fee Advisory Committee) Vice Chair Fall 2011- Spring 2012
  • HCC- central; Writer’s Block- member                               Fall 2011- Spring 2013