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Business Development
Program Design & Development
YouTube Videos
Website Layout & Content
Interactive Social Media Marketing
Branding & Marketing Messaging
Community Connecting

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Creator, Branding & International Interactive Marketing Consultant

ePowerMe LLC

Consulting with businesses to develop or elevate branding, image, web design, internet exposure, offerings, referrals and sales.

Developing and implementing member and community online communications particularly through Social Media Marketing Campaigns – Including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other social media platforms. Wrote a chapter on Facebook Marketing in a Social Media eBook in 2008 predicting it replacing emails and other forms of marketing.

Clients include: Sevananda Coop (USA), Heartfelt Movement (USA), Vibrance Raw Food Delivery (USA), TEFL Int (International), The Spa Resorts (Thailand) Samui Wellness Spa (Thailand), Awaken-Love (International), LoveLight Yoga Wear (International), Abigail'sInsights (International), Nartana's Art (International), Colloidal Nano Minerals(International), Beach Republic (Thailand), Ananda Wellness Resort (Thailand), MonteVista Retreat Center (Thailand), Atmanjai Wellness Center (Thailand), (International), Yoga Tree SF (USA) along with numerous social and creative entrepreneurs.

Nov 2011Mar 2012

Holistic Branding & Marketing Consultant

Awakening 360

Provided full sales and marketing design, plan and implementation for, including:

  • New logo design and branding
  • Website design, layout, content and communications. 
  • Developed new partnerships with businesses and entrepreneurs, including Whole Foods, Esalen and Yoga Tree. 
  • Created, launched & implemented Awakening3D YouTube channel video tour for A360’s online directory providing inspiration, education and social media interaction while optimizing search results, creating a buzz, increasing exposure and new sales for A360 and members.
  • Increased users and paid membership by 50% per month from community outreach through prospecting, networking, partnerships, referrals and interactive social media 
Jul 2009Oct 2011

Creator, Retreat Marketing Consultant

Expert Retreat Consultant; researched over 20 detox, yoga and meditation retreats in Thailand. Created, implemented and facilitated custom programs for 2 resorts in Thailand including brand name, program, products, supplies, service providers and menus. Launched an interactive social media campaign with YouTube video tour and blog called “Elicia’s Detox World Tour” to inspire and educate people while promoting detox retreats, wellness services and lifestyle resources, giving them resources and opportunities to customize their own detox program away, or at home, to suit their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Used Blog Reviews, aYouTube Channel, as well as, Twitter and Facebook Updates and Photos to connect people to these resources.  

Along with building, Elicia worked with many wellness providers, retreats and businesses to improve their online image and branding through social media marketing campaigns and marketing communication strategies 

Jan 2011Jul 2011

Wellness Consultant

Beach Republic

Created & Implemented:

  • Name -  Health Republic
  • Tagline – In Health We Trust
  • Health Republic Logo & Marketing Designs
  • Marketing/Communications/PR
    • found photographer for branding HR w/ yoga sala 
    • all in-house flyers 
    • 3 unique first time events on Samui
    • press release/article in Hello Samui May/June 
    • social media pages (FB/Twitter)
    • banners, flags and signs around resort
    • yoga DVD filmed at Beach Republic for PR
    • promotional packages
  • New wellness services offered
    • type of service
    • supplies and resources
    • provided service providers
    • in-house processes
    • registration and feedback forms
    • wellness & detox packages
  • Unique offering on Samui: green smoothies on the breakfast buffet & coconut champagne kefir
  • Healthy tapas menu for detox
  • Suggestions on 2 different USPs moving forward
    • fun funky fitness w/ spinning, dance classes and water aerobics
    • purification & rejuvenation w/ advanced therapies and equipment in a new wellness center
Jan 2003Jun 2007

Senior District Manager

ADP TotalSource

Launched Northern California Market 2006

  • # 1 Sales Rep in Region
  • Top ten in Nation out of 300 Sales Reps in ‘04
  • Made President Club in first 3 months of FY ’04 with 555% of Quota
  • President’s Club Qualifier 3 years in a row
  • Selected to represent Northern California’s Region of 4 offices for the DM Advisory Board FY ‘07
  • Consulted with 12 C-level executives per month, to increase profit through a human capital strategy
  • Provided leadership and mentoring to new sales representatives
  • Generated sales from networking, client referrals, and strategic prospecting


Jul 2009Sep 2009

TEFL Certified

TEFL International

Hire as a Internet Marketing Consultant while getting certified to teach English as a Foreign Language

  • Consulted with owner and website designer for redesign and layout
  • Implemented and trained staff to manage social media pages; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Aug 1992Jun 1996


Marist College

  • Graduated top in class for marketing
  • Tutored economics and marketing
  • Created a marketing consulting internship with a local ad agency 

Branding, Marketing & Connecting

Video Branding Testimonials

Elicia is wonderful at her work in the world. She is passionate about supporting, connecting, and empowering holistic practitioners and progressive organizations to have a big impact in the world. I've finally got a YouTube video because of Elicia. She asks great questions and gets to the heart of it! I fully endorse her and suggest you hire her!

Tarra Christoff

Elicia is great-- she radiates and knows how to get you to radiate your best too! I am eager to do further work with her.

Eden Tosch

I am excited to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Elicia! She has a beautiful mission in her work, and her genuine nature shines through. I was blessed to have her come to my Chiropractic office and film me for my profile on Awakening the Bay. She takes the time and energy to get to know you as an individual and as a professional, and has great wisdom in promotion for your business. As a holistic marketing professional, her knowledge, passion and ability to connect is apparent from the very first encounter! Thank you SO much, Elicia, for your vision and dedication to bringing about visibility for holistic practitioners, and I recommend you with all of my heart!

Dr. Kacie Flegal 

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Elicia and benefit from her services. She is not only extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to help conscious businesses (like you and me) experience growth and success, she is passionate, caring and sincere. She worked with me on a video project, taking time to really get to know me, and beautifully captured the essence of what I presented. She is intuitive, heartfelt and a gift to the Conscious Business community!

Kristi Bowman

Elicia has worked with the Career Wisdom Institute connecting us to A360's platform, posting our content, sharing it in online and with other communities, video capturing our workshop, and posting the material across social media increasing our exposure. Elicia has also made excellent suggestions and holistic connections. She is bright, funny and incredibly knowledgable. She will help your business grow, grow, grow!

Career Wisdom Institute 

Business & Branding Testimonial

Elicia is incredibly gifted. I had an amazing time yesterday connecting with her, brainstorming, and sharing much needed laughter! She took the time to get to know me and my story, how the business was birthed, and learn about how it is evolving. Within an hour, she was able to identify critical key strategies for Dragonfly Healing Center as well as my own personal brand. I am looking forward to implementing our action plan and reaping the benefits! I highly recommend Elicia for all your holistic marketing consulting needs~improving branding, online presence and communication.

Dragonfly Healing Center 

Elicia has a unique talent to see the essence of what you are offering and then help you frame it in a way that supports people to really "get" you. By helping me translate who I am and what I do, I've been better able to connect to the people that will receive benefit from what I offer. Elicia has an innate capacity for connecting people with the right resources and helping them utilize the marketing avenues we have at our finger tips like Facebook and Awakening360. Her marketing and branding consultations has helped me form my unique platform and then connect with my ideal clients. I would HIGHLY recommend her marketing consulting services.

Mike Brabant, Psy.d.c


Not only is Elicia Woodford the powerhouse behind the internationally recognized website, The Detox Advisor, she’s a branding expert for wellness businesses. She’s so good they call her “The Holistic Translator.” And you’ll see why! When it comes to crafting a story for your out-of-the-box and creative business that the mainstream will understand, Elicia’s who you want on your team.

In 2007, Elicia left her successful corporate sales career to follow her heart and went on to create 5 different brands, websites and social media communities that now thrive under one successful brand, The Detox Advisor - enjoy life!. Her branding and marketing services have built a strong and interactive community network for her recommended holistic businesses, practitioners and healers with her Online Holistic Detox Community, Directory and website memberships.

Elicia uses clear and direct words to describe your specialty, what, and who, you are good for and clearly state your uniqueness and benefits through your brand name, tagline, message and images on your business cards, websites, email newsletters, blogs, social media, events and all communication to attract more clients. Increase online exposure and community connection with creative interactive social media campaigns, YouTube videos and networking.

  • Personal brand including how you feel to other people. To be consistent when then meet you and when they read your site it will feel like they are meeting you already.
  • Core Message using results and benefit statements 
  • Brand, Logo, Tagline what you are known for
  • Story why you do what you do, your why
  • Headline for website, emotional chord struck, and attention grabbing
  • Website and Social Media layout, look and feel
  • Images to use on website, blogs, e-newsletters, events, flyers, Facebook
  • Layout and messaging for business cards, events, postcards, flyers, brochures 
  • Design the customer experience the path a customer takes from different marketing channels and how each touch feels
  • Business and Marketing Advice including pricing, email system, social media, internet marketing and networking