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Diligent, experienced video editor eager to add value to your team by leveraging my technical and creative talents and expertise, along with my relentless passion for filmmaking. I believe I  can become a valuable asset to your team as a reliable, collaborative professional who consistently takes initiative, anticipates project and creative demands, and effectively manages multiple aspects of a creative endeavor to manifest a director's artistic vision.

Professional Experience


Assistant Finishing Editor

Picture Head
  • Over Cutting Spots for Marvel, Pixar, Fox, Disney+, Lucas, and Disney marketing campaigns.
  • Detailed organization of film selects and sources footage.
  • Creating approval files for Disney executives viewing.
  • Creating Campaign Sequences for the archive.

Media Coordinator/Assistant Editor/Editor

September Club

'One Day at Disney' - Documentary Mini-Series 

  • Media Coordination - 11 Episodes
    • Media Intake
    • Media Organization
    • Transcode Media
  • Assistant Editor - 10 Episodes
    • Timeline Setup
    • Audio/Video Sync
  • Editor - 1 Episode
    • Cut down 2 hrs of footage to a 3 min episode

'MANIA' - Documentary 

  • Assistant Editor
    • Media Selects for 13 days of footage
    • Photo organization
    • Broll Selects for 62 Days of Footage

'Makers' - Documentary

  • Assistant Editor
    • Into Credit Assembly
    • Pulled online assets 

UFC - Documentary Mini-Series 

  • Media Coordination 
    • Media Intake 
    • Transcode Media
    • Timeline Setup

Assistant Editor

Keep Smokin' LLC

 Cheech & Chong Feature Length Documentary


Assistant Editor/Editor

Roc Noir

Google - Documentary Mini-Series

  • Assistant Editor
    • Transcode Media
    • Timeline Setup
    • Audio/Video Sync 
    • Multicam Setup

AB InBev - Corporate Video 

  • Editor
    • Dual-Cam Editing
    • Sound Editor
    • Incorporated Graphics

Freelance Editor

Wiggin and Dana LLP

Created several promotional videos highlighting the services offered by the attorneys at Wiggin and Dana

  • Media Coordination
  • Dual-Cam Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Title Graphic Creation
  • Color Correction

Freelance Editor/Team Member/BTS Photo&Video

Center for Creative Development "I Matter Project"
  • Coordinated student fundraising efforts
  • Editing fundraising videos
  • Edited music video for the "I Matter" anthem
  • Spoke at civic association meetings to raise awareness and garner support
  • Assisted in photo shoots
  • Assisted with the installation of public art displays
  • Supplementary photography and video for Push Pause, a local Verizon Fios television program
  • Documentary photography and video for the “I Matter” website and local news publications

Wedding Videographer/Photographer

Last Minute Films

Arrived at couple's house before the ceremony to document their full wedding experience including pre-ceremony preparation, boat ceremony, and reception to create a 5-minute highlight video of the day and a 30-minute documentary style video.

  • Camera operator
  • Phtotgrapher
  • Media managment 
  • Editor
  • Color Correction

Freelance Editor


After volunteering my time to work as an assistant director for a 3-day shoot in New York City I was then hired as the editor of the film.

  • Managed file organization, proxy creation, and audio/audio and video merging for 4k footage 
  • Collaborated with the director to produce and edit a 15-minute film in 4 weeks, while simultaneously working on 3 other projects
  • Colored film

Wedding Videographer

LJDJ's Event Design and Entertainment

Arrived at couple's hotel before the ceremony to document their full wedding experience including pre-ceremony preparation, church ceremony, photo shot, and reception to create a 5-minute highlight video of the day.

  • Camera operator
  • Media management
  • Editor



Cinema and Photography

Ithaca College

After 2 years of study I decided I disagreed with Ithaca's curriculum. I continued to live in Ithaca for an additional year working on student and independent projects. 


Pre-College Filmmaking Course

School of Visual Arts

College-credited program teaching all aspects of filmmaking including film analysis, screenwriting, video production, and editing


                                    Title                                                                           Position

Father AD
The Queen  Director, Editor
Nine Lives  AD
Paloma AD, Editor
Shine On AD, Editor, Video Retoucher
Life on the road   Grip, Editor
Spictacular       Grip, Editor, Video Retoucher
Just some bars over Jazz Grip, Editor
Far Gone Gaffer, Editor
Fernando Producer, AD, Editor
Game of Kings Grip, BTS, Editor
Hereafter   AD, Editor
Time Gone By Editor 
Trump's Song Grip, Editor
Dorian Grey Grip, Editor
Graceland Editor
Jenny Secoma Sound Editor 
Gratified AD, Editor
Ovid Producer, AD, Editor
Somewhere Producer, AD, Editor
Sunnyside Editor
Better Off Alone Gaffer, BTS, Editor
Bar Hoppers  Grip, BTS
Quiet Hours   Grip, Editor