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Doctor of Education

Aspen University

Beginning in September of 2011, I have been accepted into the Doctor of Education (Leadership) program at Aspen University.  Aspen is an online university based in Aspen, Colorado.

I took the first half of my doctoral studies within the Ed.S program at Northwestern State University and then transferred the credits into Aspen's program where I will be again looking at collaborative learning projects to facilitate global citizenship in high school students.

Sep 2007Dec 2010

Educational Specialist (Ed.S)

Northwestern State University

•  Graduated with an Educational Specialist (Ed.S) degree (Educational Leadership & Technology)

•  Thesis title:  " Developing Global Citizens:  An Online Collaborative Project using Rafi.Ki "

•  Inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honour Society

•  4.0 GPA

Sep 1990Aug 1994

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.E)

Memorial University of Newfoundland

•  Completed a Bachelor of Physical Education degree with a minor in English Language and Literature.

Educational Philosophy

On Administration1) I believe in supporting the efforts of teachers in their work with students.2) I believe in supporting students in their efforts to achieve their education.3) I believe in supporting parents, when justified, in their desire for a quality educational experience for their children4) I believe in making the school a safe place for all children and staff. I realize that not every child will enjoy school but I can do my very best to ensure they feel safe.5) I believe in promoting a positive view of the school amongst faculty, students, parents and the communities we serve. I am proud to be a faculty member of Clarenville High School and seize every opportunity to publically state it. I firmly believe in the goodness of our school, staff and children.6) I believe in school growth and will always strive to bring new initiatives to our school.7) I believe in working closely with my administrative partner and staff to ensure the school is a safe, healthy and happy place. I believe in having an open door and truly appreciate it when staff, students and parents use it.8) I believe in open, honest communication and have no respect for unfounded negativity and individuals not contributing to the team.9) I believe that the profession of teaching is one of the most noble ventures one can pursue and that the good work of teachers/students be recognized and rewarded.10) I believe in simply doing your job to the best of your God-given ability each day.On Children1) I believe in children and their unlimited potential. To this end, I see the role of the educator as a role model and patient giver of knowledge.2) I believe children will make mistakes. Our job is to accept these mistakes as part of the "growing-up" process and help the children learn from them. Firm, yet fair, is my answer.3) I believe children will have great successes that need to be applauded and recognized. Children need to know their teachers are proud of them and their accomplishments.4) I believe that children are, to a certain degree, a product of their home environment and outside forces affect school behaviours. One cannot expect top performance with no behaviour issues if a child is hungry, mentally ill, physically abused or homeless. A thorough knowledge of all factors leading to a child's behaviour, both positive and negative, need to be considered before passing judgement.5) I believe that the rare child cannot function in a school environment and is beyond our help. In such instances the importance of the school being linked to appropriate community supports is vital to helping the child get well before they can begin to function in a structured school environment.6) I treat every child in the school as I would want my own child to be treated. Be generous with praise and cautious with criticism, our words and influence as teachers can last a lifetime.On Teaching1) I believe that every child deserves the best possible education they are capable of achieving. Enriched, regular and modified programs and teaching in a manner best suited to the needs of your students are the hallmarks of a quality school.2) I believe that stagnancy and complacency are the most undesirable outcomes one can aspire to in the field of Education. Always strive to learn new material, experiment with different techniques and make class fun/interesting for students.3) I believe in professional development and in always trying to become better.4) I believe in the cultivation of school spirit.We are all very special in some manner to our students and they enjoy being around us in school situations both inside and outside the classroom.Contribute a little of yourself and interests to the greater good of humanity by volunteering your time and energy to an extra-curricular pursuit.5) I believe in facilitating whole school development through positive teaching, contributing to the extra-curricular life of our students and through the positive relationships we should always strive to develop with our students.6) I believe in the power of a warm smile, a kind word and positive note of appreciation.


Dr. Kioh Kim

Dr. Kim was my major professor during my four years at Northwestern State.  He also supervised my final study.

Dr. Robert Runté

Dr. Runté supervised my final study at the University of Lethbirdge.  We worked together for two years. 

Dr. Darren Lund

Darren and I taught together at Lindsay Thurber High School in Red Deer, Alberta.  We have remained friends and he has been instrumental in helping me navigate life in graduate school!

Ian Davidson's Visual CV

Published Journal Articles

Davidson, I. CAHPERD Journal (Winter 2006) " The Creation of Fair Play Sporting Divisions in Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics" P. 34-36. (Refereed Journal)

Davidson, I. Education Canada (November 2007) Vol. 47/No.3 " Fair Play Sports: Sharing the Experience in Newfoundland" P. 25 - 27.

Davidson, I.  The Bulletin (December 2007) Vol. 56/No. 3 " Going Global:  A Long Walk to School" P. 24-25.

Davidson, I.  The Bulletin (September 2006) Vol. 53/No. 1 " My Experience with the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" P. 24-25.

Davidson, I. The Bulletin (April. 2006) Vol. 50/No. 3 “ The Importance of Succession Planning in Education” P. 25-26.

Davidson, I. The CAP Journal (Winter 2005) Vol. 12/No.1 “ Teaching Students Academic Integrity: The Establishment of a School Honour Code” P.13-14.

Davidson, I. The CAP Journal (Winter 2005) Vol. 12/No.1 “No Child Left Behind: The Creation of Fair-Play Sporting Divisions in Newfoundland High School Sports” P. 25-26.

Davidson, I.  The Bulletin (September 2004) Vol. 42/No.1 " Raising Test Scores, Ruining Schools" P. 22-23.

Work experience

Sep 2002Present

Assistant Principal

Clarenville High School

•   Taught 9 – 12 Social Studies, English and Physical Education

•   Student discipline & attendance, maintained school website

•    Tracked student attendance, developed teaching schedule and organized substitute teachers

•    Implemented the “Monday Memo” for faculty & Honour Code for students

•    Varsity Boys Basketball Coach 

•    Cyberfair Mentor

•    Organized an International Travel Club for students

•    Implemented the web-based “Clarenville High Herald” to highlight student and faculty achievements

•    Gratefully performed all leadership duties of the principal during a four month educational leave

Sep 2001Jun 2002

Department Head - Instructional Behaviour Supports

Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School

· Development of Individual Program Plans (IPP’s)

· Provide assistance and instructional support to teachers

· Coordinate and monitor service delivery for all students with severe behavioural problems

· Provide frequent intervention with students (individual counseling, anger management)

· Secured over 100,000 dollars in funding from Alberta Learning to assist with curriculum delivery for these unique students

Sep 1997Jun 2001

Physical Education Teacher

Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School

•    Teach PE 9-12, CALM 20, Health 9

•    Coach Grade 9 Elite Male Basketball team

•    Grade 9-12 Track Coach (Shot and Discus)

•    PE teacher for behaviourally challenged program

Sep 1995Jun 1996

Physical Education Teacher

Laval High School

•    Taught 9-12 PE and Nutrition

•    Athletic Director/Department Head   

•    Senior and Junior Boys Basketball coach