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Work experience


Communications and Liaises Coordinator

SAEM (Georgia Youth EcoMovement)

Vice Head of Tbilisi office now

May 2011Present

System Administrator

Global Stream Georgia, LLC

Vmware VSphere cluster administration, All systems Administration RHEL, Novell, Windows, AD etc. (Deployment, monitoring, backup, etc).

Dec 2008Apr 2011

System Administrator - IT Dep. Manager


VmWare ESXI management, Linux (RHEL based) systems Administration and Management. Small corporative applications development (PHP, C++&QT, MySQL). Hosting admin. Billing admin, Shaper programmer and admin.

Sep 2005Aug 2008

IT manager assistant, Designer

Aword Investment Company

Designed a lot of post materials and web-sites Also taking care of computer network and mail/proxy server (Mdaemon/Kerio) functionality.


Sep 2002Jul 2006


Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


DataBase Administration
Databases: MySQL >5y (deployment, administration, troubleshooting), also thin tuning of my.ini parameters for memory management, InnoDB engines changing tuning etc. Oracle (basic) installation, management, optimisation and administration MongoDB DBA and Developer (advanced knowledge level)
Operating Systems (Install, Manage, Troubleshoot)
  Operating Systems: Linux RHEL (5,6) based - administration, Novell SLES + OES, FreeBSD (basics)... MS Windows 2000, 2003-2008 Server (administration), MS Windows XP, Vista, 7
Hypervisors: VMware ESXi 4.1-5.1 (vSphere, vCenter based clusters administration, troubleshooting and deployment), Including VDS, Vfabric, vSphere Data Recovery, Update Manager and other vSphere solutions for virtualisation deplayment and management KVM+Qemu
Erlang <1y /> Java <1y /> Action Script (4 y.) - writing small games, web applications, development of classes, redevelopment of classes etc. PHP (>6 y.) web-applications, interfaces (sockets), cms writing, with and without frameworks usage (CodeIgniter, Kohana) Web technologies - HTML (4-5), XHTML, CSS, JSON, XML, JavaScript based sites, including Server and Client Technologies such as Sockets, AJAX (based mostly on jQuery but clean JS also), DHTML etc. SQL - bassically in MySQL/MariaDB env. Testing - experience in software testing.
Hardware Testing and Diagnostics
Ability to recover lost data from HDDs/Flash Drives etc. Knowleddge of utilities: HBCD, Everest, MHDD, and many other.
Server Software Management
Server Apps: Novell eDirectory-DSfW and/or Windows AD deployment and Management - intermediate Apache httpd and Tomcat (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - Advanced Microsoft IIS (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - Advanced Nginx  - frontend like, and single server like (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - Advanced FTP: Pure FTPd, Proftpd, vsftpd, IIS ftp etc (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - Expert NS: Bind, MyDNS (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - Expert Mail: Communigate, Postfix, Zimbra (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - Advanced Proxy: Squid (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - intermediate VoIP: Asterisk (deployment, administration, troubleshooting) - intermediate
Graphics and Video Design
Poligraphy Matereals Design Preparation - magazines, banners, booklets etc., in such programs like: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, etc. Web Design. Architectural Design - Exteriour and Interiour 3d visualisations (Renders), in 3D Studio MAX 8-2011 (V-Ray renderer plugin and others), ArchiCAD etc. Video Preparations - preparing advertisement clips for TV and presentations, in Sony Vegas Studio, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterFX and many other .
Network Engeneering and Management
Administrating Networks including Unix/Linux Servers, Windows Domain (Active Directory), Routers management, Shaping/Routing. Creating  and managing advanced/corporate Network configurations Wired, Wireless, Combined, including computers working under different operating systems, and corporative services (Domains, AD, Mail+Exchange, SMB, VPN etc.). Cisco network management CCNA level.
Computer Systems Assembly
Assembling IBM PC compatable desktop computers Changing any servers hardware details etc. Knowledge of Computer Architecture principles


Innovative and creative thinking professional with is seeking position with a forward-looking organization in order to apply and improve  my education and experience.

Spoken Languages

  • Russian (native);
  • English (advanced);
  • Georgian (good);


  • Music - listening, playing, composing
  • Sports - volleyball, pool, cyber sports
  • Computer - Operating Systems (All of them based on RHEL arcitectiure), PHP, Hardware News etc, like optimisation ant testing of sofware. Programming:AS3 (everything),Perl(Learning) - simple code writing, regexp, etc, C++ (learning, basically due to QT framework), small windowed applications, widgets using QT libraries such as Web-Kit etc. Also I love optimization of code, but unfortunatelly have not enough time to lern it better and practise even in C++ programming.
  • Literature - reading, writing poems etc.,
  • Arts

Cover Letter

Experience in IT since 1998, began my practice by serving a small PC network.

Since 2002: Network and Site administration, Web Design, Web-Programming, Network and Hardware Trouble-Shooting, Assembling Computers. Server installation and administration (Mail, FTP, HTTP, Proxy etc.) under Windows and Unix-like systems. AD/Domain configuration, management, etc.. Easily master new programs and working methods, interested in beta testing, design and software development.

From 2003 started working in Non Governmental Non Profit International Organisation “SAEM-Georgia Youth EcoMovement”.

During my work in SAEM I've gained experience in different spheres of working methodology.

Was participating in different activities organized by youth NGOs and gained great experience in organizing and participating in actions, seminars, training courses and international meetings. Gained good management skills.

From the beginning of 2008 started to work with Linux based systems (Debian, then CentOS and Fedora, then RHEL and SLES).

Rising LAMP, mail servers, AD, monitoring systems etc., remade my own shaper based on WebHTB, understending all network principles etc...

From 2010 also took part in software performance and bug testing during Global Streams development process.