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Work experience


Kapri Productions LLC

New Media:

Kapri Productions LLC is my own company.  I am the writer, creator, web designer, and producer of the web series Life After Lisa.  We have filmed two webisodes and will be filming more in the future.  Our website:

Life After Lisa is filmed in Baltimore, and features some of the cast and crew members from the HBO series, The Wire.  

I also created the online series Jamie's Way ( in 1998- before New Media exited.  I believed back then as I do now that we will all be watching our favorite shows on the web very soon.  

Life After Lisa is also syndicated on Blip.TV, Koldcast.TV, and    

Currently I produce Click On This Show, an Entertainment and Music Interview series that covers red carpet events from NYC to LA and in between!  We have over ONE MILLION HITS on our youtube page, and I hire a freelance cast and crew from around the country to film, edit, and host our segments.

The main site is seen at Click On This Show  We also syndicate it on Blip.TV and the Webisodes Network.

Jul 2012Present

Craft Services Assistant, 2nd unit Key

Netflix - House of Cards

I've been working as a craft services assistant on the Netflix series, "House of Cards" for seasons one, two and now three.  I help to maintained a snack table on set while filming- catering to the cast and the crew 12- 20 hours a day five days a week.  We do trays of snacks throughout the day plus make sure everyone stays hydrated while working such long hours.

Jan 2002Aug 2007

Key Craft Services girl

I worked as the Key Craft services girl on the set of the HBO series The Wire in Baltimore Maryland for the duration of the series (all five seasons).  I had my own truck, an assistant, and we maintained a snack table on set while filming- catering to the cast and the crew 12- 20 hours a day five days a week.  We also ordered 2nd meal- every day on set as well.  


Sep 1983May 1988



To secure employment- whether freelance, part-time, or full-time.    




I'm in search of a full time or part time job.  I've been freelancing as a film crew member in craft services and wardrobe for over 25 years.  I'm now interested in a more stable job.  I would like to remain in the entertainment business in some form or another.  Screenwriting, Producing, Editing, or being part of the Casting process are my biggest interests.  I created my first web series back in 1998 - so I know New Media very well!!


I have my own screenwriting club, The Baltimore Screenwriting Coffee Club.  I have been writing stories, plays, and scenes since I was a child.  Started writing Life After Lisa when I was 16 years old.  Love dialogue, and scripts that are about great characters.  
I most recently worked as a freelance casting assistant for the reality series Holidate.  Love casting, and love scouting.  I'm a total people watcher.  And can walk up to anyone at any time.  Plus I love the film business and love spotting talent- whether acting, singing, or modeling.
Video Editing
I use Final Cut Pro 5.1.4    And have edited videos for both Jamie's Way and Life After Lisa.  To see my video's - check out my YouTube pages:   Personal: and my Life After Lisa Page: And my Click On This Show page (with over a million views!!)    
Computer skills
My brother owns the computer store The Little Shop of Hardware- so I've learned over the years from him.  I have both a Mac and a few PC's.  I have a fast wireless connection.  I'm proficient in Word, Photoshop, web design, most of the Mac programs, etc.