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Cognitive Behavior Coach


Elena Eustache is a Czech French multi-talented comedienne, who has appeared at such famous comedy clubs as the Laugh Factory, Improv Los Angeles and New York, the Comedy Store and Caroline's on Broadway and was a contestant on the Funniest Mom in America 3. She has a weekly radio show that is televised called ElenaE “In the Heart of Stars,” which features the lives, stories and struggles of some of today's top celebrities. Through Excellence Yuen, her own company, she offers spiritual advice and principles that help her clients heal and grow in a more positive direction. She is also a certified counselor and offers services that include training in cognitive behavior, Yen Energetic principles, Dowsing, relationship training, Fengshui and parental instruction. As an author, she has written “Yin – How to be Male” and “Yang – How to be Female.”

Spiritual Counseling and Education

Elena Eustache offers counseling services that help people with their relationships, to understand themselves better, to learn to love and the concepts of positive thinking.  She feels that by helping people change, the environment around them also undergoes a change that gives them a chance at self-fulfillment and also reduces their dependence on drugs, needless surgeries and pain relief medication. By helping people find peace and unconditional love, they are able to not only profit positively from it, but they can give love back. As an instructor of Dowsing, she helps her clients understand the positive and negative energy forces, or vortexes, that are working at home, in the office, in the garden and inside buildings. Through Dowsing techniques it is possible to replace the negative lines with positive lines, which results in change that can be noticed in health, sleep habits, wealth, success, harmony and creativity. She is also a Certified Practitioner and Instructor for the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, which combines a very old technique of Chinese temple healing with more modern Western practices. With a blend of physiology, energy, physics and structural analysis, the method explores the root cause of people's symptoms and removes them in order to restore their natural balance.

Background and Education

As a six-year-old child, Elena Eustache enjoyed acting and four years later she began professional studies at the Dramatic School of Art located in the Czech Republic. As a multi-lingual child, she soon began performing on stage in many different languages and in 1999 she went to New York, where she learned the art of directing at Columbia University. She studied at the School for Film and Television in New York as well as the William Esper Studios. She began taking jobs at Caroline's on Broadway where she found success as a standup comedienne. With this experience, she was able to get jobs at some of the top comedy clubs in New York and California. She also took part in filming a new movie, “The Informant,” starring matt Damon and she is working on a feature documentary film of her own.

Personal Information

Elena Eustache lives in Los Angeles with her son, Naveen Joshua, who is six years old. Naveen is named after his father Naveen Andrews, star of TV series “Lost”. When she finds herself with spare time on her hands, she enjoys yoga, spirituality, history, movies and cooking. 


Languages, Yoga, Meditation, Traveling, Spirituality, Comedy, Cooking, Acting, Fengshui, Yuen Energy



School for Film and Television - NY