Elena Berger

Elena Berger

Work experience

Work experience
2010 - Present

Senior Internet Strategist

Amplify Public Affairs

My job is to plan and implement online campaigns to reach clients' audiences through websites, email, blogs, social media, video, and advertising. The kinds of projects I work on include advocacy, fundraising, list-building, event promotion, and more. As a client and project manager I am a stickler for details; I meet deadlines and budgets every time, and consider it part of the job to maintain regular communication with everyone involved in the process.

What do I actually do on a daily basis? I'm the go-to person for messaging strategy, social media plans, online advertising, writing and editing (both copy for clients and proposals), and marketing brainstorming. I'm a whiz with content management systems and HTML, so you'll often find me helping out with building sites and emails. (I've trained a client or two in using their CMSs and CRMs as well.) I'm great at assessing a client's needs based on analytics and goals, and equally comfortable taking the lead on implementing changes. I've also been known to kick in with my video editing and Photoshop skills whenever they're needed.

Most of all, I'm known for my dedication to getting my clients' messages out to the world. I've worked with people in fascinating and variegated fields: technology policy, broadcasting, health care, home ownership, wildlife and environmental preservation, interfaith alliances, human rights, and more. Great messaging (and the technical knowledge to implement it) is more than a paycheck for me - it's a platform for promoting the ideas and causes that I value.

2012 - Present

Executive Editor, Disruptive Women in Health Care

I am honored to serve as Executive Editor of Amplify’s blog, Disruptive Women in Health Care. I was a contributor to the company's former online advocacy blog, Advocacy Avenue, and I bring my passion for blogging together with my editorial and marketing skills to the job. My responsibilities include content planning, blogger outreach, copy editing, writing, social media strategy and implementation, and the oversight of staff writers and interns. This has been my opportunity to develop my leadership skills as well as to flex my wordsmithing muscles. I also have a personal passion for both health care issues and advancing the presence of women in all sectors of society, so for me the Disruptive Women blog is more fun than work.

2008 - 2010

Internet Strategist

This was the lead-in to my current role - I was upgraded to "senior" in recognition of my work and the additional responsibilities I was taking on. As Internet Strategist, I really sank my teeth into learning how to manage clients, design work plans and budgets, and deliver results for high-level campaigns. I developed my own style for putting together online advertising plans - especially for Facebook ads, which is what I've come to be known for around here. I honed my video editing skills and continued my work in copywriting and editing.

2006 - 2008


Issue Dynamics Inc. (soon to become Amplify Public Affairs)

This is where I got my big start in digital public affairs. I started off managing several websites and other online properties, learning all different content management systems, email platforms, advocacy tools, and social media sites along the way. I became proficient in designing web elements and email templates, and with my background in writing and research, I often found myself working on every part of a project from the messaging and the strategy to the design and buildout. Pretty soon, I was on my way to being an Internet Strategist.

2003 - 2006

Program Associate, Alliance for Public Technology

I was hired by Issue Dynamics Inc. to staff a nonprofit organization called the Alliance for Public Technology, which was dedicated to fostering public policies that ensure access to broadband technology for all Americans. This job was a master class in media relations, fundraising, event planning, project management, and more. My responsibilities included planning an annual fundraising gala and policy forum, along with a monthly brown bag lunch speaker series. I provided support with accounting, membership relations, board meeting coordination, database administration - you name it, I worked on it. I wrote, edited, and laid out a print newsletter for our members, and wrote a broadband policy update that I distributed through a listserv. I also wrote my fair share of press releases, fundraising letters, membership appeals, and pamphlets. I've always been able to research and learn about any topic I'm interested in, which helped immensely in becoming fluent in the technology policy sphere.

I also maintained the organization's website and oversaw a site migration, becoming an "accidental techie." Here's where I learned HTML and started getting really interested in the world of online outreach, paving the way for a job change within the company.

1998 - 2000

Membership Coordinator

National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health

For my first job as a college graduate, I wanted to come to Washington and put my training as a writer to work in an advocacy capacity. NPWH hired me with that in mind - I wrote a monthly women's health newsletter as well as membership appeals and countless other communications. I also managed a member database, handled the payments and paperwork, and assisted with planning and staffing the annual conference. In addition, I coordinated the Continuing Education Approval Program and provided general support to the president and board of directors.


1994 - 1998


Johns Hopkins University

While at JHU, I spent some time as the poetry editor for a literary journal called Zeniada and wrote a bit for a campus newspaper, the Standard. Upon graduating I was honored to receive the Hollander Prize in creative writing.

Video Work