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I am interested in the development part of the IT related jobs - SW development, testing, etc. - and would like to enrich my skills in this direction in the future. I am happy when I have the opportunity to create something that will be helpful to anyone, therefore development sounds rather close to my understanding of reality.

Work experience

Jan 2013Oct 2013

Technical Support Analyst

— Technical Support Analyst 1-st level
Apr 2004Dec 2012


Restaurants, Bars, Hotels
— Bartender, Waiter My professional experience is strongly customer related. I have worked in different 1 kind of places with various visitors. I've been working for small companies of not more than 10 persons as well as for large companies whose activities are not limited only in this branch. The management process is not foreign to me. I have taken leadership responsibilities along with my regular duties, although this fact is not clearly reflected in my professional experience. This job has taught me to be responsible, self-motivated and creative, it has also developed strong communication skills as well as multi-tasking.


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