B.S. Electrical Engineering

Boston University College of Engineering

Work experience

Work experience

Embedded Systems Engineer

Sep 2012 - Present
Aurora Flight Sciences - Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA- Embedded Systems Engineer

  • Primary Firmware Engineer for a universal battery charger and smart battery pack for the International Space Station. Charger firmware would monitor 4 battery bays to determine when a battery and/or adaptor was plugged in, monitor battery while charging and full. The smart battery logged life cycle information to off chip memory that would be downloaded to the charger’s off chip memory when smart battery was plugged in.                                                                                              -Worked with Microchips MPLABX IDE for the PIC32 and PIC24. Written in C.
  • Software Engineer for a multi-computer flight control system. Collected/processed camera data and sent the state to other computers in the system in time synced messages over serial and Ethernet. Message payload was configurable to make the system aircraft agnostic.                             - Implemented on Ubuntu 14.04. Written in C++ with multi-threading.
  • Primary FPGA Engineer on several projects that required implementing state machines and working with various kinds of sensors, serial interfaces (UART, I2C, SPI, I2S), memory interfaces, and SERDES input/output for high speed video data.                                                                                         - Worked with Xlinix's Spartan 6 and Microsemi's IGLOO AGL250 and AGL400.

Electrical Engineering Intern

Jan 2012 - Sep 2012
Aurora Flight Sciences - Cambridge, MA
  • Designed an Electric Speed Controller(ESC) for a Small Unmanned Aircraft System. Schematic capture and layout were developed in Altium.

Research Assistant

May 2011 - Aug 2011
Boston University ECE Department - Boston, MA
  • Worked with the Smart Lighting Engineering Resource Center(ERC) to investigate the use of LED technologies to perform advanced lighting, sensing, and communication applications. Developed the communication layer, implementing a higher order modulation for LED light bulbs on an FPGA. Projects


Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: C/C++, VHDL/ Verilog, Python(basic)
  • IDEs: MPLAB, Xlinx, Libero, Altium
  • Operating Systems: Linux(Ubuntu), NuttX