Senior level

  • “Can do” attitude
  • Exemplary time management and organizational abilities
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership and motivational skills
  • When presenting a problem, also follow with a solution
  • Assumes responsibilities for quality customer service and all duties
  • Accountable and Reliable
  • Openness and flexibility
  • DNAFusion
  • ServiceNow
  • SharePoint
  • Managing 25 people

Senior Level

  • MAC/ Apple Applications & software including cloud data entry
  • Google Applications & Software including cloud data entry
  • PracticeMaster
  • Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Notebook, etc.
  • com
  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning
  • Team Building
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing



Independence University

2015 - 2018

Independence University


Everest College

2008 - 2009


"Becoming a leader, At first you will need to be follower to learn before you teach."

                      As you grow up you are taught values, morals, integrity, the difference between right and wrong and that every individual has choices. You have your parents, extended family such as cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, teacher, and you have friends throughout your life. Inspiring leaders do not always know their gift in the way they lead.  Their are different types of leaders; the leader that expect you to do as you're told, the leader that has to micromanage everything, and the inspiring leaders. Spiritual leaders are the ones that have attracted my attention. I have observed and practiced on how to be that type of leader. Spiritual leaders have the ability to listen and understand an individual they are approaching regarding a problem, task, or project.
                     What makes this possible is by communication to make sure they have a good understanding where the individual is coming. Also, by investigating what is communicated only to give back proper and accurate feedback. All leaders should practice and remember to be selfless and care about others.  That is type of leader I am, my road is not always clear, a bit bumpy, and that is okay. I was given choices in life and I choose to motivate and be motivated. Since motivation doesn't last, and neither does bathing. "That's why its recommended daily!"  Do not worry about who's to blame or being right. Do what is right and make sure that you remember to over achieve.

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 Professional Experience

Work History

City of San Jose

Aug 2015 - Sep 2015

Office Specialist

Office Specialist Serving as reception desk person for Facilities Management Division, and announcing visitors to appropriate personnel. Taking all fields calls for general information and calls for various emergencies, repairs or improvement projects from citywide facility personnel. Receiving email, voice messages, hand written and verbal Work Order requests. Creating WOs or making immediate calls to Trades and Contract staff depending on critical nature of call. Contacting vendors directly to respond to concerns. Using FMS to verify visible codes for project or non funded work. Tracking and distributing of PW Duty each week. Cross referencing invoices that include verifying inputs to WOs for each section of Facilities Mgt. Division. Ordering office supplies for staff/team Accepting and forwarding Access control requests to programming person. Receiving and distributing parking permit requests Coordinating with City Hall Security for back up when away from desk for extended time.

City of San Jose

May 2015 - Jul 2015

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Assisting to cover front desk, answer phones, filing, and greeting clients then walking them over to conference room prior to the meeting starting. Placing orders, running errands overlooking inventory and stocking: Costco, Office Depot, and coffee items on a weekly bases and also calling vendors if there is any discrepancies. Assisted with picking-up/drop off deliveries for drawings to clients/consultants. Assisted with MS word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software programs to complete projects assigned. Overlooked Managers: Microsoft Outlook for emails and the Calendaring for scheduling Assisted travel arrangements from renting a vehicle, reserving hotel room, reserving dinner arrangements, and plane arrangements to locations and back. Searching for quotes for services that TDS may need. Scheduling on a daily bases: FedEx and UPS pick-ups, deliveries, overnight, looking for the status of package Checking and following up on payment status for past due invoices Updating contact information when needed for contractors and consultants Assisted with website searches for finishes or other information for projects Updating the weekly staff mtg. agenda spreadsheet in our newsletter Creating an office template to update proposals or NTPs Emailing and corresponding, interfacing with Clients/Consultants/Contractors


Jul 2015 - Jul 2015

Facilities Coordinator

Facilities Coordinator Back up Reception coverage as needed. Signing packages that arrive, answer phones, food deliveries, check in visitors, and conference room booking. Which includes supporting, maintaining, and assigning temp badges for visitors & guest using DNAFusion Supporting the business need at HQ that including moving of staff, ergo, reconfiguring offices and cubicles, and ticketing system. Managing internal department communication; The HUB, share point, monthly newsletter Supporting and Managing office temp badges for visitors & guest using DNAFusion Coordinating weekly breakfast, and daily fruit delivery, and track food service Continuously improve processes, systems and overall client satisfaction and ensures appropriate follow up with customers. Managing conference center room booking, signage of conference schedules for all entire building and coordinator EA event.

Qualcomm, Inc

Mar 2008 - Apr 2015

Admin Service Clerk

Admin Service Clerk III. Accountable to schedule meetings and mileage expenses. Ordering and tracking supplies, equipment maintenance, updating signage/bulletin boards, creating posters for events. Delivering/ordering catering, ordering business cards, vendor support exchanges/resources/ Fulfillment, delivering mail, maintaining areas tidy and organized. Assisted with MS word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software programs to complete projects assigned. Utilizing Sharepoint for projects, documentation, and for tasks. Able to acquire skills quickly and successfully taking on new challenges with very little training.



Sandra Amann / Friend

I have known Elena for twelve years. From teenager to adulthood. She has always been honest and dedicates herself in tasks given to her. She is always looking to better educate herself, by trying and learning new things and skills. She is very much a leader and is aware of her surroundings. She lends a helping hand. And jumps in and volunteers when needed. I know she will do great in anything she sets her mind to do. - August 24, 2015

Katia Amat-Cruz / Qualcomm-Receptionist

Elena Flores and would absuolutely recommend her due to her enthusiasm, communication skill and professional demeanor. Very highly esteem by her former co-workers for her perfessionalism and dedicaton to her work and team members. Had the pleasure to work closely with her on Notary service requests, time after time she would allocate time to accommodate her work load schedule to insure requests would be assigned and completed on a timely manner. Organized and diligent, Elena quickly master technology systems and software that we currently are using. Has the ability to work independently and minimal supervision. Able to multitask and manage numerous projects concurrently. Elena is a hardworking, top-performing customer professional. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information. August 24, 2015

Davina Brown Quaclomm Receptionist

I would so recommend your work for anything, Elena is well organized and a hard worker. She is a fast learner and always willing to learn new things. Elena works well alone or in a group. She also has great leadership qualities. Elena has great customer service skills and would be a great asset to any company. July 29, 2015

Bob Powell Information Technology and Services Consultant and Professional

While at Qualcomm, Elena was one of the few Admin Service Clerk's that were always available to assist in areas where needed.
She was always cheerful and smiling and willing to help with issues concerning office supplies, beverages, conference rooms and other things under her prevue. I think she is an asset to any department she is a member of, and is also able to enhance the departments she supports in a positive manner with the level of support that is normally cheerfully provided by her.
It is truly hard to find team members that actually enjoy doing their jobs, especially when it comes to helping others, but Elena actually fit into this small group. -June 27, 2015

Gloria Holmes Executive Secretary at Qualcomm

I'm pleased to have the opportunity of providing a reference for Elena Flores. She is an asset to any organization. She’s an energetic and enthusiastic worker. Elena was always willing to pitch in whenever our department needed assistance. She is attentive to detail and always gets the job done. I would consider her a first-rate employee. We found her services more than satisfactory. We could always count on her for carrying out tasks, especially, our last minute ones. She can truly be depended on. Elena is a rare find and I can recommend with complete confidence. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Elena Flores employment with us  June 29, 2015

Dominique Brown Staffing Consultant at AppleOne Employment Services

Elena has been an excellent candidate I've had the pleasure of working with. I've enlisted her help for me on multiple projects based on her friendly personality, strong attention to detail and her ability to multi-task. She is the type of person who can just jump into any situation and perform any administrative duties. She would be angreat addition to any team and I look forward to working with her in the future! Thanks for all of your hard work Elena! -July 8, 2015

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