The E3 Cello series is handmade by cellist and designer Nick Ogawa. Each instrument is carved from a hand-picked piece of curly maple, and treated to bring out the brilliant color and rich figure of the grain.

The solid body design produces a rich warm tone that is beautifully translated by the instrument’s Schertler Stat-C series pick ups. The unique NTO E3 body is designed to be played while standing, and is perfectly balanced for optimal comfort while playing with a shoulder strap.

The Schertler Stat-C series pickups are installed into every instrument and fitted to the bridge. The pick up is contained within a piece of cork which fits snuggly beneath one arm of the bridge. Pickups are easily removed for bridge replacement. Each E3 comes with it’s own pick up and Stat-C preamp, to deliver the best quality sound reproduction.

The E3 series can be played through any amplifier, and it is the musician’s choice what tone he or she is looking for. The E3 series faithfully reproduces the traditional warm cello sound through an acoustic amplifier, but offers a diverse range of tones through other amplifiers as well.

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