Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2014 - Present


Inaka (an Erlang Solutions company)
2009 - Present

Software Designer & Hawk Oculyst

Mogosto Soft

Mogosto Soft is a free-lance company project created with Facundo Villanueva.  Our motto is: "Working for fun"

Jun 2008 - Aug 2010


Jul 2004 - Dec 2005

Tech Leader / Project Leader

GyF Soluciones Informaticas S.A.
Jun 2002 - Jun 2004

Project Leader / Designer

GyF Soluciones Informaticas S.A.
Feb 2000 - May 2002


Gallero & Ferrari S.R.L.


Jan 1994 - Dec 1999


EET 7 - Jose Hernandez

Projects I was involved in


Description: The anti-social network

My Responsibilty: Lead Server Designer

Languages: Erlang

Solved Problems:

  • Massive scalability issues
  • Riak integration
  • Anonymity versus sociability

MTV WatchWith / VH1 CoStar:

Description: TV companion software that lets users see what others are saying on Twitter, Facebook, etc. while watching a TV show.

My Responsability: Lead Server Developer

Languages: Erlang

Solved Problems:

  • Dealing with massive scalability challenges in Erlang
  • Developing Twitter stream API consumption and curation algorithms
  • Developing general and personalized curation and distribution algorithms (not two system users get the same messages at the same time, each one gets those that fit best to his profile)


Description: A scrapbook for Haskell developers

My Responsability: Designer, Tester, Developer

Languages: Haskell

Solved Problems:

  • Developing a cross-platform UI in Haskell
  • Dealing with GHC API through hint
  • Adding some kind of reflection abilities to Haskell
  • Handling all kinds of results
  • Dealing with Haskell lazy evaluation


Description: Erlang RFB Library

My Responsability: Designer and Developer

Languages: Erlang

Solved Problems:

  • Implementing server and client side RFB protocol in Erlang
  • Designing and developing it in a way that's as open as the protocol itself
  • Developing clients and servers so that they can easily interact with each other and also with other clients/servers

Neos 2:

Description: Communications and Instant collaboration

My Responsability: Developer

Languages: Erlang

Solved Problems:

  • Developing a distributed, real-time IM component for XMPP
  • Designing and implementing new protocols to allow users to share all kinds of contents seamlessly
  • Developing a web based administration site using Nitrogen

Aptela 5:

Description: VoIP Provider Administrator

My Responsability: Developer

Languages: Erlang

Solved Problems:

  • Developing a distributed, scalable and highly reliable application
  • Working in a functional language for a non-academic purposes (i.e. in the "real world")
  • Using new technologies, like CouchDB and STOMP


Description: Credit card administration system

My Responsability: Developer

Languages: Visual Basic, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Solved Problems:

  • Developing a highly customizable system
  • Importing and exporting massive data sets with dynamic structure
  • Dealing with massive data traffic


Description: Graphical query building and masive process executing system

My Responsability: Designer, Developer

Languages: Visual Basic, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Solved Problems:

  • Command unification to deal with different database servers
  • Designing an easy to understand yet powerful interface for DBA and not-DBA users
  • Dealing with massive data sets


Description: Bank cashier subsystem for special taxes

My Responsability: Designer and developer of the first version.  Architect, Project Leader and Tester of the next 4 versions.

Languages: C#, T-SQL

Solved Problems:

  • Designing and optimizing a web interface for bank cashiers
  • Developing a web system using SOA and web-services
  • Ajax implementation and optimization for bank cashier terminals
  • Ensuring interoperability on technologies and environments
  • Dealing with security exploits
  • Developing a web system for a highly distributed network


Description: Workflow designer and administrator

My Responsability: Architect, Tech Leader, Developer of the internal framework.

Languages: C#, T-SQL

Solved Problems:

  • Developing an easy-to-use interface for administering dinamic and highly configurable workflows
  • Designing an user-friendly but constantly changing web application
  • Dinamically generating HTML, PDF and Word documents


Description: Timestamping authority administration system

My Responsability: Architect, Developer

Languages: C#

Solved Problems:

  • Implementing the RFC 3161
  • Developing a TCP and a HTTP servers both compatible with the aformentioned RFC
  • Developing client dlls for each of those servers
  • Using NTP services
  • Signing and encrypting messages using PKCS#7


Description: Modification of the Java version of Minibase

My Responsability: Designer, Tester, Developer

Languages: Java

Solved Problems:

  • Extending some existing catalog functions
  • Implementing new catalog functions
  • Implementing some functions in the query-optimizer
  • Developing a graphical database manager


I started using computers when I was 9, and programming when I was 10.  Those days, I wrote many programs in Basic for Commodore, mostly small games.

When I was 18, I got my degree in Computer Technical.  At that point, I wrote some real-life programs in Visual Basic, like an administrative software for taxi agencies.

My first real work was in a banking software company called G&F in february of 2000. I started working as a junior programmer and through the years I became senior developer, tester, project leader, tech leader and finally, software architect. My responsabilities there involved the design and development of different banking systems for windows and/or web platforms.  Those systems had strong volume, performance and security requirements.  For some projects I was also responsible of coordinating several teams and even setting company standards.

There I met Facundo Villanueva, my partner at Mogosto Soft. We realized that most of the time we actually enjoy programming, solving problems and creating solutions, so we created this free-lance programming group where we work in projects just for the fun of it.

After eight years on G&F, I felt the need to grow up and embrace new technologies.  Then I switched to Novamens, where I started developing Erlang systems for a VoIP company.

At the same time I was studying in the Buenos Aires University to became a computer scientist and that's what I am now.  You can check out my final thesis project (a development platform built in Haskell, called λPage) at

I spent two years working at Novamens, then I got my Erlang Solutions' Intermediate Certificate and met Chad DePue right when he was creating Inaka Labs. I joined the company and I'm working there since its very beginnings, developing highly concurrent applications for this new social world we're living in. 

After several years creating software solutions in Erlang, I feel very confident working with it and I keep learning new stuff every day.

After all these years, what I liked most of my work were the chances to learn and the possibilities to use my creativity in a productive way.


I prefer jobs where I can learn, create or discover new things.  I like jobs that let me be creative.  In fact, I enjoy challenging jobs where I must be creative.

Other Courses & Seminars

10/2001 “JAVA Programming”, Computer Science Department, U.B.A.03/2002 “JAVA Programming II”, Computer Science Department, U.B.A.08/2006 “An Introduction to Distributed Algorithms", Computer Science Department, U.B.A. Keynote speaker: Lic. Linda Pagli from (Pisa University, Italy)08/2007 “Modern Trends in the Formal Language Theory", Computer Science Department, U.B.A. Keynote speaker: Lic. Alexander Meduna, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic




NoSQL Databases

I have extensive experience working with CouchDB, Riak and Redis











Aug 2010 - Present

Erlang Intermediate Certificate ESL20100812/01

Erlang Solutions Ltd.