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Elaine Dixon

Copywriter, content writer, copy editor, research specialist, proofreader

Work experience

Oct 2004May 2015



Producing original and re-writes of those originals in specific formats, as requested by the clients.

Aug 2014May 2015


American Writers & Artists Inc

Able to produce white papers, press releases, and emails, etc, as well as carry out comprehensive research as needed.


Aug 2014Present


American Writers & Artists Inc (AWAI)

Comprehensive training in copywriting sales letters, white papers, targeted emails, and professional researching.

Sep 1998Jul 2003

BSc, Psychology and Management Studies

University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, WI


Sample Sales Letter

From the Desk of Elaine Dixon

 May 29, 2015


 At The Tasty Place You Get More Than Your Order … Every Time …Fast!

 Dear Paul

 As our friendship blossoms and grows every day, I want to see how much more we have in common.


I have heard that the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If that is really true, I need to give your stomach the treat of a lifetime! How does a juicy, tender chicken breast dipped in the special sauce of the day, that makes you want more, grab you? Or maybe you prefer the leg, or the thigh, or even something completely different!


My favourite eating place serves all kinds of patrons. Those who want to stay there and eat, or those who prefer to have the meals somewhere else. You can decide where we eat.


My eating place also serves a variety of meals. So there are many different dishes to choose from. You can make that choice too!


This is an invitation for you to have dinner with me at my favourite eating hideout. The Tasty Place serves up the juiciest, biggest, and most delicious baked chicken breast I have ever had. That’s what I mostly eat. It’s my favourite! And the price is just right!


Two weeks ago I introduced my friend, Barbara, to The Tasty Place and she ordered two take-out meals. Later that night she called me, and this is what she said,


“… I can’t believe I’ve been bypassing this restaurant all along! The chicken was the tenderest I’ve had in a long time, and the sauce was unbelievable. Not to mention the curried mutton! I was worried it would have been too spicy and too bony. It was neither of those! My friend could not find a ‘bone’ of contention – we tasted each other’s meal.


“And their side dishes – the potato salad and the pasta salad – were to die for! And to top it off – they cost us less than ten bucks! Girl, you have a winner there!” Barbs.


You can have that meal, too. Or you can choose your own. Either way, I’m betting that you will agree with me and Barbara, and the countless others, on those points – the taste and the price.


Once you take that bite and sink your teeth into the succulent, healthy white meat – or whatever you choose, and taste the special seasoning, you’ll have to agree with us. The taste of the food, and the size and the quantity of the meals they serve, are what keep their customers coming again, and again to The Tasty Place. For more, no doubt!


The Tasty Place has a chicken sandwich that they serve as a snack. Some days they don’t have enough hands to serve the customer traffic that’s ordering that sandwich. And even though they have to wait an extra five minutes – because they are done to order – I don’t think the patrons mind. I heard one of them comment one time,


“I prefer to wait the extra five minutes, here, for my sandwich, than buy it up the road. This one beats all the others!”


And I have to agree. I’ve tried that sandwich too, and it is everything you’d want in a sandwich. And more, down to the vegetables and, yes, the sauce they add to it! Their vegetables are always fresh and springy, and the sauces can be either totally sweet, totally savory, or a delicate balance between the two.


Just picture yourself savouring each bite in that cozy setting. You’ll be joining the thousands of patrons who frequent The Tasty Place. Because the food is great. The staff are friendly and efficient. They make you want to stay and enjoy the music they play and the service they give. But even if you prefer to take the meal away and enjoy it somewhere else, you’ll still be taking some of their atmosphere with you.


Besides, I’ll be with you! If you take up my offer tonight, which is a ‘specials’ night  – it will be my treat. And I can promise you an experience you won’t forget easily. It’s not only I who won’t let you forget it. The meal you’ll get – complete with a nutritious, heart-healthy drink, and mouth-watering dessert – won’t let you forget it either.


Each ‘special’ meal is served with one of a variety of fruit juices – not drinks,  juices. Plus favourites like peanut punch and irish moss. And desserts can either be a slice of pie or cake.


So, please say you’ll join me for dinner tonight! I’ll pick you up at 6:30, so you don’t have to worry about driving anymore today. I know you’ve been on the road all day.


See you at 6:30 pm? Text me your response, please! I’m waiting!




 PS:       You don’t even have to dress up! Just look casually elegant. And come with an empty stomach!