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Patsy Michelle Wilson

Manufacturing Granite Monuments/ Rubber Stencil Cutter

Work experience


Rubber Stencil Cutter

B and E Sandblast, J &R Finishing Company, Burton Monument, Majestic Granite

Responsible for making  rubber stencils used to sandblast letters and design's into granite or marble rock. Using a paper layout to transfer lines, designs and lettering into the rubber to then be cut and pulled out using a pointed double sides spendle knife to create a stencil. Drafting and making sure all measurements and placements are correct and making the layout work to fit the surface of the rock.


Elbert Co. Comprehensive High96'-97'


Athens Tech.


Quick learner. Pays attention to details. Organized. Takes pride in doing my job correct and neat. Able to stand all day and work with or lift heavy objects.

I am interested in the job that you have posted on craigslist for the printing production position. I am a quick learner and think that I can learn and be the employee you need.