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About me

  • I am currently in Level 9 .
  • Scout leader .
  • Associate with rovers Qassim University and Youth Welfare Qassim.
  • I love to volunteer and participant in the Inma of volunteer newspaper.
  • I have discussed the topic of communication skills in the Scout activity.

Work experience




Bachelor Degree

Qassim Unversity

Concentration : Computer Science        GPA:3.87-5.00


Communication skills
  • Language          -very good in  Englishe .
  • excellent interpersonal skills :willing to help ,listen ,and learn.
Technical skills
  • Programming  Languages :JAVA, C++ ,PHP ,My SQL ,CSS. 
  • Operator System    :Windows  ,OS X ,Linux .
  • Proficient in MS Word , MS Excel ,Visual studio 2010  .
  • Quick and accurate keyboard skills .
  • Android developer  .