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Through academic training and practical work experience, I can perform the following functions:

§Analyze environments in terms of human performance and learning needs.

§Design, develop, implement, and evaluate creative, engaging, and immersive instruction.

§Propose systematic solutions to meet identified learning and performance needs.

I have a history of rapidly and effectively learning how to operate advanced equipment, systems, and software, of working with others interdependently, and of being a dependable self-starter.


§  Recognized as the 1998 Junior Sea Sailor of the Year for Submarine Group 10

§  Recognized as the number-one AN/BQR-22A sonar operator of the Atlantic Fleet

§  Two Navy Achievement Medals

§  Admiral's Letter of Commendation

§  Letter of Commendation

§  Good Conduct Medal

§  Graduated at the top of my Sonar Technician for Submarines 'A' School class.

§  Basic Enlisted Submarine School Class Honorman

§  Basic Enlisted Submarine School Navy League Award Winner


LeBlanc, E. J. (November, 2010). The Heart/Core Model. Poster presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) 2010 Conference, Mobile, AL.

LeBlanc, E. J. (May, 2011). The Heart/Core Model: Understanding Complex Systems. Poster presentation at the University of South Alabama's Conference on Teaching and Learning, Mobile, AL.

LeBlanc, E. J. and Martinez, Alan. (September, 2011). Train the Task, Not the Toy! Coast Guard Instructor Pilots and the Simulated Environment. Presentation at the United States Coast Guard's Human Performance Technology Workshop, Williamsburg, VA.


I am particularly interested in the following:

§The promotion and design of instruction that fosters analytical, creative, critical, and

systems thinking at all stages of human development.

§  The creation of new critical thinking / decision making models.

§  The Web 2.0 movement and its potential for creating paperless institutions (such as, but not limited to, education).

§  The creation of systems that produce / educe lifelong learners.

§  Dreaming and reading and writing about what the future holds.




Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Specialist

Harkcon, Inc.

I am currently designing Interactive Courseware (ICW) and Computer Based Training (CBT) for the Coast Guard using Lectora, Adobe CS4, and a host of other tools to be used in a variety of interfaces (most notably, however, the Workstation III). I am continuing my efforts (begun as a performance analyst) of creating interactive .PDF forms and the database that will compile their datum into useful, actionable performance data. While my major focus is currently on developing ICW for the HC-144A, I have also, in the wake of the CG-6535 tragedy, under the direction of LCDR Rob Potter, created a Facebook page ( and a video honoring these Guardsmen ( I am also working with a wide variety of social media and knowledge/learning management systems (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Alfresco, and the Coast Guard Portal) to conduct various social media campaigns, facilitate learning, or share information. I continue to create videos, provide narration, design graphics, shoot and edit digital photos, and create models and animations in the regular course of my duties.

May 2011Jan 2012

Performance Analyst

Harkcon, Inc.

During my time in this position, I conducted a Job Task Analysis (JTA) of Instructor Pilots (IPs) using the MH-60J Operational Flight Trainer (OFT), developed instruction for Instructors Under Training (IUTs) to use the MH60J OFT in order to facilitate a simulated environment, and presented my efforts to the 2011 HPT conference with my boss/mentor, Al Martinez (who laid the foundation for my work with a previous project). I conducted an assessment of existing training of the Advanced Helicopter Rescue School (AHRS), and, as a result of my detailed work (my report was nearly 200 pages in length), was assigned to be the lead ISD on that project. Simultaneously, I identified a major need in how students were being assessed in the Coast Guard's aviation community and, after many drafts created with the client, implemented a series of interactive .PDF forms that made IPs' jobs easier: they were able to assess student performance more accurately and efficiently. Additionally, the groundwork has been completed for assembling the datum provided by these forms into a database that will provide accurate, branch-wide performance data. I also created websites, logos (most notably for the Military Mardi Gras Ball), graphics, videos, and a host of other activities that would, according to some, be considered outside the bounds of being a performance analyst. I would disagree, however, as I believe the primary goal of a performance analyst is to identify performance needs and, if able, meet those performance needs (sometimes through the design, development, implementation, and/or evaluation of training). This philosophical perspective, supported by Mager and Pipe, enabled my "lane" to be wider than simply conducting various formal analyses. It also allowed me to demonstrate skills that paved the way toward my next position.

Feb 2011Apr 2011

Instructional Designer and Developer / Curriculum Developer


I worked with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of various first response disciplines regarding catastrophic events to design and develop instruction that trains and prepares emergency responders throughout the nation. 

Aug 2010Feb 2011

PETAL Assistant

University of South Alabama: Program for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (PETAL)

I maintained the PETAL schedule and various websites (involving different Learning Management and Content Management Systems). I wrote blog and eNewsletter articles, made pedagogical videos and materials (both print and online), conducted Polycom videoconferences, created graphics, designed and implemented websites, taught faculty innovative teaching methods, facilitated welcoming environments, and more.

Aug 2005Aug 2010

English 8 Teacher

Faith Academy

I provided meaningful, engaging assignments and lessons designed to facilitate the development of students’ reading, thinking, and writing abilities; I have designed and implemented online instructional resources and utilized a host of other technological (and print) media to do so.

I served as the sponsor of Faith Academy's Chess Club, Scholars' Bowl, and Writing Club.

Jul 1997Jul 2002

Sonar Technician for Submarines (STS2/SS)

United States Navy

I often gave training to superiors, peers, and new personnel regarding technical equipment and operations in addition to carrying out regular detection and security responsibilities.I successfully turned over ten collateral duties (six of which were ship-wide responsibilities), including Submarine On Board Training (SOBT) Coordinator, Assistant Tactical Oceanographer, Protestant Layman,  Naval Warfare Publication Librarian (NWPL), and Librarian.


Google SketchUp
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010
Maya 2011
Cmap Tools
Polycom VSX 7000
Scholar 360
I highly recommend this learning management system that is intuitive, easy to learn, comprehensive, and designed with digital social learning experiences in mind. (
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, TweetDeck, FriendFeed, WordPress, Wikis, eBlogger, YouTube, Skype, Second Life, RSS, Wikipedia, Fotopedia, Orkut, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Flickr,, and more.
Adobe CS4: Master Collection
Jing Pro 2.3
SnagIt 10
Articulate Studio '09
According to, I have a typing speed of 42 WPM with zero errors.  Of course, I can type faster than this when I am simply typing what I wish to write - but this is hard to prove empirically.
Camtasia Studio 7
Microsoft Office (Desktop and Mobile [where applicable])
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, Visio, Access, InfoPath
Adobe Captivate 4

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Highly Qualified Teacher

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