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Having over 25 years of experience achieving outstanding results in all aspects of Business Management, my unique advantage is my wide range of experience, from Corporate Sales to Hospitality, along with my ability to effectively recruit, retain and manage all levels of talent from entry level positions to top executives. I successfully apply process-oriented approaches to maintain strong business relationships with customers, vendors, and senior leadership.

Possessing a constant goal focus, I execute all roles and responsibilities with the end result in mind. As a successful business owner, I understand the pressures of the different roles of ownership and Executive Leadership. But my intense focus on the client’s experience has been the cornerstone of my Leadership strategy and the key to my success.

Work experience


Operations Manager (Consultant)

Jamestown Associates
  • Operations Consultant for a nation-wide political advertising company that generates over $10M annually.
  • Assist in daily operations to provide clients with media services to obtain voter’s attention.
  • Conduct data analysis through congressional district surveys for local Congressman to increase efficiency and restore accountability in state government.
  • Prepare comprehensive analysis reports showing comparison between expenses and monthly budgets for individual projects.
  • Identified massive operational improvements for clients to dramatically boost efficiency and increase revenues.
  • Ensured that data imputed into databases are accurate and up-to-date.

Territory Sales Representative

George Wells Meat Company
  • Increased territory sales in metro and suburban Philadelphia and southern New Jersey by 50% ($50K in the first year).
  • Generated over $1.5M in sales annually with a company whose overall revenue was over $25M.
  • Marketed and sold center of the plate and specialty products in order to meet chef’s needs.
  • Coordinated and executed two major trade shows per year at convention centers and hotels with 500-1,000 attendees.
  • Organized and implemented small trade shows for specialty food products held in local five star hotels with over 200 attendees.
  • Facilitated over 100 tours of plant with chefs/customers including cooking in house for them in order to grow customer base and secure customers trust in products and the company.

Corporate Sales Manager

La Romagnola Inc.
  • Pioneered local trade shows with over 500-1000 attendees, approximately 10 times per year at convention centers and approximately 25 smaller specialty trade shows with 20 to 30 attendees.
  • Increased annual volume by more than 40% in first year. Conveyed local vendor needs to the Orlando, FL main plant.
  • Trained and motivated more than 50 sales reps through formal demonstrations of the product to a customer base over 1,500 with an annual revenue of $1.25M per year.
  • Originally hired as and Sales Representative, and was promoted to Sales Manager within first 6 months.
  • Solicited new clients and established strategic relationships to maintain contracts.

Restaurant Manager

Nathan Henrys Restaurant
  • Created a new business development campaign to shift image from fast food family restaurant to pub, generating a 38% boost in volume bringing the yearly revenue to $1.5M.
  • Planned and executed approximately 10 special events supporting local charities helping to raise over $500K per year.
  • Ordered food and beverage items through 15 vendors at a time.
  • Organized a dart league and shuffleboard league, which grew bar sales by $5K per week.
  • Scheduled and supervised staff of 25 plus, while managing day to day operations.

President / Co-Founder

McAndrews Glennon Cleaning Service
  • Increased local customer base to include over 100 summer vacation homes and a customer base of 250 clients.
  • Managed accounts payable/receivable balances, and generated over $850K annually.     
  • Managed corporate accounts throughout Philadelphia Metropolitan and Southern Jersey Shore areas.
  • Hired, trained and managed an average of 25 employees, while maintaining a 95% retention rate.
  • Scheduled daily operations of all employees and customers.       

Professional Skills

Program & Product Management • Team Development & Training • Event Planning • Process Improvement • Food and Beverage Management Expert • Business Development • Profitability Maximization • Vendor Management • Quality Control • Exceptional networking & interpersonal skills • Deeply skilled in relationship development & operational expansion • Intense focus on the client experience • Skilled at attracting & retaining top talent.

Volunteer Experience

  • Broad Street Ministries (Homeless Meal Services), 2015-Present
  • Jefferson Hospital (Stress Reduction Courses), 1999 - Present


B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD


Gerard S. / Business Consultant

I am happy to recommend Eileen for  a position with any company.  I have known her for 23 years and have seen tremendous growth in her skills and abilities in working with all types of people through her volunteer work.  She is a well rounded and this has suited her in being a great mentor to many who have met her and worked with her.  She has an intense sense of commitment and is excellent at problem solving in real life situations.  I feel that Eileen would be a good fit with just about any company given her compassion and her natural leadership abilities.

Diane R. / MBSR Program Director

Eileen has been with us in a volunteer role for over 15 years.  In that time s shown that she has a take charge kind of attitude toward her work and responsibilities, going above and beyond in order to make sure that every event runs efficiently.  She has a compassion and professionalism for her work and is willing to commit herself to any project to see it through to the end no matter how many hours it takes.  She is a natural leader who will be a good fit and asset to any organization.

John G. / Product Specialist

I worked with Eileen for 17 years and she was a true asset to our sales team.  She continually strove to meet and exceed her sales goals while displaying her leadership and strategic planning skills.  She has shown to be energetic at multi-tasking her responsibilities in order to bring in new clients, concentrate on existing customers and stay on top of daily orders and accounts payable upwards of $1.5 million per year.  Eileen was also extremely successful at marketing our product line in order to bring to the customer exactly what they needed. I would enthusiastically recommend her for any managerial position.