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About Me

Eileen Foss most recently served Exelon Corporation, a leading electric company with annual revenues in excess of $18 billion. As an Office Service Representative for the firm for 12 years, she contributed to daily operations through her well-honed computer, filing, telephone, and organizational skills, along with her ability to manage workflow and complete projects correctly and on time. Throughout her tenure, Eileen Foss served Exelon in five of its different offices. Prior to this position, Eileen Foss ran the office at a building materials supply company, where she took on duties from organizing credit seminars to taking dictation. Ms. Foss possesses over 20 years of office management experience and is proficient in a number of computer programs, including the Microsoft Office suite of Word, Outlook, Access, and Excel. Ms. Foss enjoys working with businesses to help them reach maximum efficiency. She also likes to contribute to their clients’ positive experiences through her excellent customer service skills. The field of law holds particular interest for Eileen Foss, and she enjoys conducting research and following high-profile legal cases. Ms. Foss enjoys getting together with friends and having lively discussions on law, politics, and current events.A nature lover, she visits outdoor destinations when she has time, and remembers fondly her trip to the Sequoia National Forest, home of the world’s largest trees that grow on more than 30 groves. Eileen Foss also holds a special place in her heart for animals and adopts stray cats, facilitates injured cats’ treatment at animal hospitals, and rescues neglected felines. Eileen Foss enjoys developing computer networks and Internet solutions, and enjoys helping her friends with their computer concerns. She proudly notes that her daughter enjoys a successful career in the telecommunications industry, and her son serves in the agriculture field, where he grows corn and soybeans.

Work experience

Office Service Representative

Exelon Corporation


Fullerton College