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A seasoned professional with over (24) years of Environmental, Health & Safety, Business Management, Project Management and Training experience over a broad range of industries including manufacturing & distribution, power generation, electric and gas transmission & distribution, consumer electronics and reverse logistics.

Is equally as adept at managing large projects as working directly with employees in the field. A self-starter who needs little direction and has achieved 'exceeding expectations' performance reviews every year, in every position, from every employer and in all industries throughout his career.

Work experience


Direction of Operations

Pikes Peak Distributors LLC
  • Co-Founder of reverse logistics company specializing in the consumer electronics sector.
  • Established processes and protocols for the test, repair, and refurbishment of a vast range of consumer products including computers, video gaming systems, mp3 players, car electronics, as well as all Apple products (iPad, iPod, iPhone).
  • Refurbishment expertise includes remanufacturing, software upgrades, cosmetic reconditioning/replacement, testing, recertification, and re-packaging.
  • Specific protocols included:
    • Inspection and disposition
    • Failure analysis
    • Board-level and cosmetic repair
    • Flashing, CPI clearing
    • Failure analysis reporting
  • Developed and managed environmental, safety and ergonomic protocols based on product sku's being tested and refurbished.
  • Ensured proper recycling or disposal of defective product components such as motherboards, memory modules, and other hazardous pieces.
  • Negotiated and established contracts with various liquidation sources including Best Buy, Sam's Club, Costco, WalMart and Liquidity Services.
Jul 2012Present

Managing Member & Principal Consultant

EHS Consulting Group LLC
  • Provide safety consulting, training and auditing services. Subject expert in all of the General Industry and Construction standards and capable of performing audits of industrial facilities as well as conducting on-site training. Services include maintenance of training materials (books and presentations), working on consulting projects, development of classes and computer-based training programs.

  • Provide client companies with direct support for the maintenance and management of day-to-day health, safety, emergency response, environmental compliance, and security activities across a multitude of industries. 
  • Provide technical support for handling environment, health, safety, training and industrial hygiene issues. Assist with the oversight of company compliance programs, procedures, and policies associated with federal, state, and local regulations and acts as a liaison with external legal and regulatory personnel and agencies. 

Senior Environmental Specialist

Progress Energy
  • Responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining environmental programs to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws.
  • Prepared and monitored plant environmental goals and provided budget input for any needed environmental control improvements.
  • Provided daily and pre-outage guidance on the proper handling of environmental situations.
  • Provided control over the plant-approved chemical programs and their associated equipment.
  • Primary contact with EPA, FL DEP, and local environmental agencies for handling permits, negotiations and compliance issues.
  • Primary contact with local PAC and emergency response agencies.
  • Prepared and trained plant personnel on mandatory environmental training 
  • Provided site control and direction during emergencies such as fires, spills, chemical releases, weather impacts and terrorist activities.
  • Assured environmental monitoring systems were maintained and calibrated, e.g. CEMS, NPDES, Waste Management.
  • Direct oversight of the operation of the Water Lab to ensure execution for all sampling, analysis, and reporting services as required for the station's operations, environmental, and boiler water chemistry functions.
  • Selected as a Quality Improvement Facilitator for the company and provided Human Error Reduction training to company personnel at various locations throughout Florida.
  • Responsible for the plant fuel accounting system and daily fuel balance computations.

Regional Environmental Manager

UtiliCorp United
  • Responsible for the environmental management of power generation facilities throughout Colorado and Kansas.
  • Responsible for the environmental management of electric and gas transmission and distribution assets throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan.
  • Created and managed environmental budget for multi-state and multi-asset operation.
  • Direct management of company EH&S Professionals located across the US.
  • Provided environmental oversight and support for Canadian assets (hydro facilities) in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Created and managed Hazardous Waste Vendor (and facility) selection and audit process for entire company.
  • Supported business development activities including but not limited to acquisition/divestiture due diligence, site selection, and permitting.

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Bechtel Power
  • Assisted with planning, development and implementation of Environmental policies, programs and procedures at a brand new, 1,000 MW natural gas-fired power plant.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance activities at the facility.
  • Supported the development of site-specific Environmental procedures and policies.
  • Developed, implement and conducted Environmental and Safety training programs.
  • Coordinated communication with governmental agencies including information requests, investigations/inspections and notices of violation.
  • Supported investigations/inspections from federal, state and local regulatory agencies.
  • Assisted plant management with identifying and managing corrective actions necessary to resolve identified issues.
  • Managed Environmental consultants.
  • Devised strategies and served as the primary point of contact to external organizations such as OSHA, EPA, state environmental agencies and environmental groups.

Environmental, Health & Safety Engineer

Black & Decker (US), Inc.
  • Responsible for ALL aspects of environmental, health and safety in a (1) million square foot manufacturing and distribution plant with over 1,000 employees.
  • Developed EHS programs for all facets of operation including air permitting and emissions, hazardous waste reduction and management,
  • Developed HAZCOM program for challenging facility which had over 20% temporary workforce; trained employees on HAZCOM program as well as all other OSHA-mandated safety training programs.
  • Successfully implemented and managed ergonomics program for the purpose of reducing lost time accidents and encouraging employees to return to work through training and job site modifications. Program resulted in significant reductions in lost time accidents, lost work days, workman's compensation claims as well as increasing employee morale.



Masters of Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

Completed 75% of Environmental Masters Degree before relocating to Colorado for job promotion.


John Buckley

“I think the fact that I hired Rick twice, and given the opportunity, would again, demonstrates how highly I regard his abilities. Rick is a high energy, knowledgeable, professional who is very capable of setting strategy, employing a wide range of tactics, and accomplishing goals. He is a lifelong learner with entrepreneurial talents and confidence. He is articulate and fun to work with. I have found him to be highly ethical, strongly oriented toward safety and compliance, and a respectful, effective communicator. I recommend Rick without hesitation.” June 22, 2012

Jeremy Morgan

“I have been acquainted with Rick Hauf for over 13 years and I have not met a more professional and skilled EHS Manager. Rick has very strong environmental and safety operational experience in both coal and gas fired facilities and management skills and ethical standards are unmatched. In additional to the aforementioned skill sets, Rick has very strong entrepreneurial spirit which has resulted in very unique and out of the box solutions to EHS matters in very cost effective results.” June 24, 2012


Project Management
Ergonomics Evaluations
Performed ergonomic work site assessments across a variety of workplaces including office environments, manufacturing, distribution, heavy industries and power generation, transmission and distribution. Directly involved in work area modifications to assembly line operations to reduce repetitive motion injuries (both proactively and reactively). Directly involved in development of specific job modifications to reduce (and preferably remove) the potential risk factors. Provided ergonomic-specific training to both employees and management.
Safety Training
Have prepared training materials and trained company employees on most OSHA-mandated requirements including Confined Space, Control of Hazardous Energy (Lock-out//Tag-out), Ergonomics, Fall Protection, Emergency Responder, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, HAZCOM, Hearing Protection, Heat Stress, Noise Exposure, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Forklift and Respiratory Protection.
Environmental Training
Have prepared training material and trained company employees on virtually every Environmental requirement including Hazard Communication (Right-To-Know), Hazardous Waste Generator (Small/Large Quantity), DOT Hazardous Materials, Stormwater, SPCC, Process Safety Management, Hazardous Waste Responder/Awareness.
Stormwater Pollution Plan
Direct preparation of (hands-on) and management of facility Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) including plan development, plan implementation, inspections (internal & external);
Emergency Response Plan
Direct preparation of (hands-on) and management of facility Emergency Response Plan (ERP) including plan development, plan implementation, inspections (internal & external);
Air Permitting and Emissions
Direct preparation of (hands-on) and management of facility air permitting process; Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) reporting and CEMS system management; exceedance STEERS reporting; 
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure
Direct preparation of (hands-on) and management of Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Plan (SPCC). Includes plan development, plan implementation, inspections and training of facility personnel. 
Wastewater Management
Direct preparation of (hands-on) and management of Monthly Discharge Monitoring Reporting (DMR).
Solid Waste Management
Direct preparation of (hands-on) and management of Annual Waste Summary Reporting, Waste Shipment Scheduling, Waste Characterization, Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization reporting, Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization planning and Waste Disposal Facility Audits.