Shortly after the Russians invaded Afghanistan in December 1979, Kabul native Dr. Ehsan Bayat immigrated to the United States. He became an American citizen, earned an engineering degree at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and established a successful business career in New York City. When the Taliban regime fell and the United States lifted travel restrictions, Dr. Ehsan Bayat felt a calling to aid the people of Afghanistan. He entered into a joint venture with the Afghan Ministry of Communications to open the country’s first mobile telephony firm, Afghan Wireless Communication Company, of which he is Chairman. It marked only the beginning of his efforts to help rebuild the country.Next, Dr. Ehsan Bayat founded Ariana Television and Radio Network (ATN). Now the largest media network in the nation, it enables all Afghans inside and outside of Kabul to remain abreast of the country’s progress and national and world news. ATN broadcasts in multiple languages to ensure that all citizens can understand the content, also presents educational programs, including language and computer training, children’s shows, programs teaching business skills, and programs discussing women’s issues.To complement his business-oriented rebuilding initiatives, Dr. Ehsan Bayat established the Bayat Foundation, which constructs schools, hospitals, and orphanages; donates food and clothing; bestows Empowering Women Grants; sponsors sports programs; and supports clean-water efforts. The foundation’s assistance to pregnant women and newborns has lowered Afghanistan’s mortality rate for both. He also has received numerous awards for his business and humanitarian accomplishments, including an honorary doctorate from the American University of Afghanistan.

Work experience

Work experience
1998 - Present

President and CEO

Telephone Systems International