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i can draw up a landscape, estimate the amount of cost and bring it to life. for the past four years i have been drawing the landscape to my greenhouse, and now the golf course and i have manage to do all of it within budget.
Nursery Manager
Currently this year i am the nursery manager, my job is to make sure all the sprinklers are running, all stations are in working conditions, no weeds, plants needed to be covered in the winter are covered. i also need to know the plants i am caring for in my nursery, i can name every plant in the nursery, how much water each of them need, the seasonal blooming, and the amount sunlight/water is needed.  
Aquaculture Builder
Started to fix the tank in the greenhouses got so close to finishing i am just waiting on parts. i learned so much from just first attempting to fix the tanks the coming to understanding everything there is to know about our tanks. 


I have many interest, I am always up to trying new things and breaking comfort zones. Currently I am enrolled in Agriculture and I have done this the past four years of my high school career. I learned what my interest we=here by taking this class. I enjoy working on Aquaculture tanks, working in greenhouses, building my own greenhouse, planting a garden, and ever trying plants not indigenous to Arizona. 

I am also interested in cosmetology,i have never took a class in this but have taught myself. This a big hobby of mine, i love to watch videos and learn on my own on how to do makeup or hair. just by watching videos and practicing have become very efficient 

Work experience

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I volunteer as tree runner for APS Shade Tree, i deliver the trees to the costumer. 

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Lion Phonebook

Deliver phonebooks


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High School Diploma

Peoria High School


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