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I spent 18 years at IBM. I started off diagnosing and repairing computers and printers at customer locations and then moved to leading a team of service reps. From there I became the Technical Services Advocate, where I oversaw service delivery for the Georgia/Florida branch office. As a TSA, I also oversaw service delivery for more than 120 field service technicians. I tracked down service delivery issues and developed ways to correct them. I created reports that filtered massive amounts of data down to manageable useful bites. I maintained the tool inventory, monitored the field tech's laptop security, and pretty much handled whatever the field techs needed to make sure they were able to do their jobs correctly. I also created presentations for branch office meetings and regional reviews. For the last 2 years I worked in contract management. There I worked with several teams that managed the maintenance contracts and inventories of large corporations. Using MS Excel we compared, verified and maintained inventories of tens of thousands of machines. During this time, I taught online Excel classes with both large groups of people and individuals as well. For the past 8 years, I've also worked with the Georgia Baptist Convention Youth Ministries Office, helping them in various ways. I've created various printed media (flyers, brochures, and posters), videos, and various multimedia presentations using PowerPoint and othe applications.

Work experience


Freelance Consultant

Georgia Baptist Convention Youth Ministries Office
Developed various forms of print media from posters to brochures. Created videos. Assisted in the development of various curriculum, conferences, and conventions. Created various multimedia presentations for small groups to large conventions using PowerPoint and other software. Create and edit various artwork using Photoshop. I help create material for and maintain the website. I've run the multimedia computer for small and very large conferences. And many other tasks as needed.
2007Apr 2009

Data Analyst for Contract Management Team

I worked on the IBM Contract Management Team. On this team we managed large inventories of equipment that was contracted for service maintenance by IBM. Using Excel, Access and other internal database we verified and maintained equipment inventories consisting of tens of thousands of machines. I also taught internal Excel classes and created various customer reports and dashboards using Excel and PowerPoint.

Technical Support Advocate

I supported the Georgia and Florida branch offices of field techs who diagnosed, repaired, installed, etc various types of computer equipment from desktops to servers to large systems. My primary responsibility was to make sure we maintained quality service delivery but it included other things as required such as SSR education, leading regular Team Leader task forces, analyzing data and creating reports and presentations.

System Services Representative Team Lead

Monitored and directed a team of field techs performing onsite repairs of various brands of laptops and desktops

System Services Representative

I performed onsite troubleshooting and repair of desktop and laptop computers. It mostly consisted of IBM equipment but also involved other brands such as HP, Zenith, and Apple.



Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Auburn University

Electrical Engineering


Doug Couch

Scott Kindig


Microsoft Excel