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A confident and pro-active professional who has the necessary drive, commitment and interpersonal skills
required to deliver outstanding results and meeting performance objectives

Work experience


Senior Medical Representative


— Products

Responsable for

  • Antibiotic                    Augmentin
  • Intarnasal Steriods     Avamys
  • Anti Allergics               Zyrtic
  • GIT                               Zantac

— responsapilities & achievements

  • respnsable to mantain and increase the market share for prodct in my teretory

 succeeded with all Augmentin team to improve Augmentin rank in market of antibiotics in UAE to be, Number 1 selling product To get market share reach up to 73% in(co_ amoxiclav) market and representing 10% from antibiotics market In UAE.

  • achive the company figures

i succeded to be from the best achiver for gsk in the pevious 3 years

2011         104%

2012         107%

2013         102%

  • insure the availapilty and improve the consumption for Augmentin in major accounts

my team to solve many challenges in market regarding to Augmentin availability in many accounts especially after application of E_ RX in these accounts.

  • improve the medical knowledge & performance to assure and  improve call quality

i had the initiative with my team to make a medical education network to improve our medical knowledge and product knowledge,

I Succeeded to be the compass champion for GSK for the last 2 years and lead all my team to be best achiever team in GSK regarding to compass using which insure maximum utilization for our tools to get maximum results.


Senior Medical Representative

JAMJOOM pharma


  • CVS            Amvasc
  • GIT             Fixit

— responsapilities & achievements

  • best achiver company 2009
  • a Build a new and strong relationships between the company and the customers
  • Lead my team to make a new entry for a newly launched products in hospitals like Emirates hospital and Belhole

Medical Representative


 GIT team 



BACHELORS degree of veterinary medicine

Cairo university


  • Thorough knowledge of Local market wit h experience dealing wit h pharmacy mangers& key purchasers & hospit al
  • pharmacies.
  • Sound analyt ical, negot iat ion &communicat ion skills.
  • Self driven, innovat ive, high sense of ownership& High level of self -mot ivat ion and ent husiasm.
  • Market int elligence, abilit y t o gat her & analyze market insight s.
  • Have t he abilit y t o work well under pressure and self mot ivat ed.
  • Excellent int erpersonal analyt ical and present at ion skills.
  • Assert ive, wit h abilit y t o t ake quick decisions.
  • Able t o communicat e well in Arabic and English.
  • Able t o work well wit h deadlines, f lexible and open t o new ideas.
  • Operat ionally f ocused highly mot ivat ed, a self -st art er who is commit t ed t o excellence.
  • Organized and Team player.
  • Drive f or result & result orient ed


Ref erences available upon request .