Elizabeth Gyder


To obtain an internship in the field of animal science and care to expand my experiences and knowledge.




learn quickly, am able to apply it in a timely fashion, have attended and passed English Honors classes 1, 2, and 3.


I lead seven of my peers in our marching band. i make sure they are timely and do what they need to do to be dependable and better musicians.

Clerical work

Provivded excellent customeer service. Created curriculum books and discs. Maintained a clean working environment and tended to the needs of my employers.  

Animal Care

    I have been entrusted with the loved pets of various people. During these sittings I interacted with the pets in many ways that include grooming, feeding, and playing. I have also properly carried out medication routines a dog which included cleansing her eyes, applying medicated drops, and giving her her pills twice a day everyday until her owner came back for her.

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2011 - Present


Gateway International Bible Institute

I work as a front desk receptionist. I answer the phones, grade, file, and do anything else that i am requested to do.


Aug 2009 - Present


Peoria High School