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Work experience


Project Leader

AOF Job & Uddannelse Gladsaxe - Lyngby - Gentofte

Responsible for the project AJACK-WEB. Achieved to be the most popular course, about jobhunting, through out the history of AOF Job og Uddannelse.


Freelance consultant / Course instructor

Futurecom Danmark A/S

Responsible for the supervision, tutoring, coaching, co-ordinating the administration, implementationand undertaking sessions for dual speaking unemployed people, as well as helping other instructorsout, with their tutoring assignments. Have managed to become the number 1 most popular course,for guiding and helping unemployed people get jobs and / or become self employed, within theCopenhagen area


Freelance consultant / Course instructor

Tricon ApS

Responsible for designing and implementing "SELL-YOURSELF-BEST" course for the company


Freelance consultant / Course instructor

IKU A/S (Institute for Career Development)

Responsible for supervision, tutoring, coaching, implementing and undertaking sessions foroutplacement candidates and entrepreneurs, as well as training their chef consultants


Course instructor

Krabbe Inspiration ApS

Main responsibility was for coaching, tutoring and the development of their inspirational courses,within a municipality frame work, for their unemployed people


Course Centre Leader

Job Vision A/S

Totally responsible for one of their centers, where courses and projects were run from, mainlydesigned for their clients


Export Manager

Hästens Sänger AB

Total responsible for establishing agents, marketing and the export of their products to Denmark


Marketing and logistical co-worker

Dyrehavsbakken A/S

Responsible for the daily operations of 3 marquees and staff


Sales Rep

American Sales Masters & Crestcom

Responsible for selling and instructing, the use of sales and management courses, as well as videotraining tapes



E. Scharbo Marketing

Designed and sold survival courses


T.O. Manager

Beverly Hills Club

Responsible for sales staff, training, their well being and for closing the sales deals, on a time shareresort


Technical engineer / advisor

Family firm Scharbo

Ran the daily operations



The British Army

Did active service around the World with 5 & 3 Queen´s Regiments and 21 SAS Regiment



Web 2.0 Internet Marketing and sales course

How to attract customers via the Internet. A comprehensive range of "on-line" courses from USA,about the use of "people skills", web 2.0 technology and video, to attract potential customers andsell to them.


Business Academy North Zealand

An intensive certified course in the use of leadership tools, mainly for those who already do coachingdaily


International Coaching

A comprehensive international coaching & sales sessions, with various tutors and professionalcoaches, done through attending live workshops and international conference calls, as well as on theInternet


The Royal Danish Home Guard and Combat School

The Danish defense forces reserve officer education, done over a 2 year period


Makani & NLP Huset

An international certified Nero Linguistic Programming education - that deals with the inner and outerresources and communication


Anthony Robbins

A self study program with Anthony Robbins - that deals with motivation and managementtechniques


NLP Huset - Roskilde

An extension program, as part of the main NLP education - this deals with personality types,team building, thought patterns and behaviors


Pharmanex Inc. - USA

A certified preventive natural medicine education


Job Vision A/S

American Sales Masters & Crestcom

Canvass 2000 ApS

The Royal Danish Home Guard

Beverly Hills Club - Spain

The British Army - UK

Instructor, Survival, Team building, Leadership and NCO courses


Brighton Technical College - UK

Behind the business "facade"

Positions of trust:

2008 :  Appointed as ROF ( Recruitment Officer ) - Responsible for recruiting new members to the RoyalDanish Home Guard

2007:  Instructor and adviser for a platoon within HIS ( Home Guard Quick Reaction Force ) - Responsible fortraining and the development of a platoon within the Royal Danish Home Guard

2003:  Officer in command for a platoon with HIS - Responsible for leading and maintaining a platoon

1999:  Second in command for a company - Responsible for the education of around 150 people within theRoyal Danish Home Guard

1988:  Instructor for the Local defence section Copenhagen - Instructor for basic training, fighting in built upareas and ( part time special forces ) patrol courses


Fresh air activities, exercise, Royal Danish Home Guard and the rest of my free time is used at home,having fun with my family and friends.


Since 1997 have successfully completed, more than 200 full-time courses and had over 3000 personal coaching sessions with outplacement candidates, entrepreneurs, leaders and unemployed people.

Through out the years I have specialized in:

• Career & outplacement processes• Development of concepts, ready for use for other companies• Leadership & employee development• Sales, marketing & growth courses• Instructor, coaching & training courses• Business & personal development• Video production & Internet technology