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Executive Summary

Deep comprehension on strategy and tactical mindset. Bringing over 5 years of experience in establishing on digital strategy with deep comprehension on tactical and implementation. His loveable on psychology insight by observing human behavior proudly to be serve as second supporting 'inner skills' besides his excellent ability on content creationist.

|| "At his first overseas in Cambodia, successfully awarded Bronze awards on Campaign Asia 2016 as 'Digital Agency of The Year Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar' regional." 

  • Strong belief in details qualitative - quantitative competitor research.
    Details and be specific are some crucial key role on digital. Ability to 'spy monitoring' and exploit what our competitor has not yet done, is his mindset. Be narrow and details, each funnel of digital has each impact at certain KPIs and ROI.
  • Expert in 'Buyer persona' (user centric) orientation and comprehension digital funnel. We plan, develop and conduct the strategy implementation for human, for people who surrounded by many things around online society, infected on 'Fear Of Missing Out' psychology sense. He believes by developing more details on 'Buyer Persona' micro things, the strategy will be much easier and maximum impact.

  • Daily habit as book worms and 'story telling' content creationist. He maintains 4 publications on Medium's site. (First site of user-generated-content across international people). The ability on keyword research, market latest condition and writing expressively and visual infographic maker are his daily habit, as he loves reading and spread his experience in positive way.

  • Offers innovative solutions to cost effectiveness and maximum impact on certain campaign. His huge curiousity in latest technology and development, will offering many ideas and innovative solutions that led to cost effectiveness and time management.

Professional Experience

MarchNovember 2016

#1. Digital Strategy Manager

Comzone Communications.

Line of Business. Advertising agency. Phnom penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Established and led the new business to support conservative lines in order to growth revenue. Handling 6 brands accountability to implement on digital marketing campaign & content plan - development during his short digital working contract.

  • Increase cost effectiveness within 40% much lower than usual digital project in recent Cambodia market. (Website revamp - social media optimization).
  • Led and managed internal 'lean digital' team with collaboration across organization. The results in his 8 months work result was Bronze awards of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Digital Agency of The Year 2016 by Campaign Asia.
  • Awarded as long - term yearly digital partner of Cambrew Ltd. Most largest brew - beverages group in Cambodia. The brands are: Angkor beer, Pepsi and STING.
  • Perform business evaluations and research on innovative digital technologies for possible clients (current/potential).
2012May 2015

#2. Junior Project Manager | Merah Putih Inc.

Line of Business. News - community startup. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Transferred from previous sister company (MediaX) to be trusted, handled - developed first local startup that mixed with communitization as business model in Indonesia. Built 'lean startup' role model as prior business model. 

  • Successfully brought the startup achieved Best Acquisition, Best Content and Best Use of Branded Content on Sparx Awards 2016. As his long - term projection plan since 2013 strategy - ideazation.
  • Effectively managed internal team and roled as multi-function team's player: social media admin, community representative and supporting technologies to combined the market situation featuring latest web-base tech.
  • Closed major deal with 3.411 card acquisition within 4 months campaign period, by combined online - offline multi-channel marketing on BCA ATM card debit rejuvenation.
MayDecember 2011

#3. Key Account Executive

MediaX Asia | Merah Cipta Media

Line of Business. Media Planning & Buying. Jakarta - Indonesia.

Firt line of his digital business journey. Starring as client relation and sales lead prospect. Seamless development on media buying and Search Engine Marketing comprehension.  

  • Client retention on his first 3 months working period. Handled Djarum group and BCA bank.
  • Monthly reporting - suggestions on latest digital conditions. By serving simultanous KPI and ROI. (Click-Through-Rate, OpenX Data Visualization and Conversion Rate on each client's ads placement).

Professional Portfolio

"What he has been done at his prestigious digital projects est. since 2011."

#1. Website Revamp and Development.

Website Revamp & Development.
His role as: site audit, mock-up wireframe, UX supporting, content architects, strategic planning and Google Analytics implentation.

Clients. Cambrew. Ltd. Angkor beer ( & Prudential Cambodia ( 
Place - Period. Comzone communication. March to August 2016

#2. Content Marketing Strategy and Creation.

Content Marketing combined with social media optimization. Using specific methods based on certain specific objectives.

Weekly - monthly content editorial planner and market researcher on fan page accout.
Conducted - developed content creation on specific content repurpose (writing, visual and interaction). Increase conversion rates higher with lower cost ads by using 'dark post' and 'split test' content tactics.

Clients. Angkor beer, PEPSI, STING Cambodia. Prudential Cambodia and NumberOne condoms Cambodia.
Place - Period. Comzone communication. March to November 2016

#3. Optimization and Conversion.

Generated lower bounce rate on second month from 72% to 23.5% by using split test and paid media (display referrer ads on local media website).
Client. (Prudential Cambodia).
Place - Period. Comzone communication. June - November 2016.

Reached 60K 'LIKES' due to target mission within 6 months short campaign period. Organic vs Ads budget ratio was 35 versus 65 percents in latest 2 months before campaign period will ended. 
Client. Modern Woman (Woman Health Social Program by PSK Group, Cambodia)
Place - Period. Comzone communication. May to September 2016

Collected 3.411 cards acquisition within 4 months period. Succeed to rejuvenate BCA Xpresi ATM card debit as youth people level targeted. Positive keyword volume on specific local community forum with total average 122 - 134 keywords. Selected to escort the winners of campaign to Spaing and had a direct presentation in front of FC Barcelona's regional board.
Client. Xpresi ATCM card debit (BCA Bank, Indonesia).

Place - Period. November to February 2014.



Sahid Tourism Institute, Hotel Management

Tangerang, Indonesia.