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Efrem Dryer is an accomplished parallel entrepreneur, author, investor and business developer with a long record of building and capitalizing on brand, intellectual, talent and hard assets to drive revenue growth in domestic and emerging markets.  His trade is the general practice of business development and he specializes in creating, growing and maintaining various entrepreneurial ventures around the globe. Mr. Dryer has lived as an expat internationally since he was a teenager and has spent most of his adult life outside of this native land. He has lived, traveled extensively throughout, and done business in the UK, the Caribbean, Europe, South America and currently exploring the Asia-Pacific region.

Efrem has successfully navigated the “proof of concept” phase of various types of ventures and managed over $5M in capital before the age of 30. Concurrent with establishing companies and brands, Efrem has managed and partnered with recording artists and music producers all of his life.  Having traveled internationally he saw a need to develop inter-cultural programs which would foster interaction between artists in different cultures.  His drive to make this a reality resulted in the creation of multi-market/multi- language music recordings which he executive produced.  To date music has been recorded with influential artists from the US, UK and Brazil. This experience has helped him to develop an uncanny ability to bring about direct cultural influence within developing markets which can prove valuable to companies and investors considering emerging markets as future places to do business.

Mr. Dryer has no fraternal ties, he is a member of various trade and business organizations for the sole purpose of strengthening his international network. Mr. Dryer has hosted seminars with prominent business leaders focused on doing business within emerging markets and has developed an Art of Negotiation course which he offers. He is passionate about serving as an advisor and mentor to multiple entrepreneurs whom he has encountered on his journey as a businessman.  As an individual, as well as through one or more of his own companies he has served clients around the globe for 20 years.

Mr. Dryer’s experience in launching companies, raising capital, expanding consumer bases and increasing revenue streams has been a valuable asset across different market types.  His first venture capital activity in the late 90’s was raising $1.2M for a faith based streaming network. Mr. Dryer moved on to become more involved with investment banking and financial markets including participation in IPO’s, Reverse Mergers, and day trading. Mr. Dryer later became the conduit between entrepreneurial opportunities and investment capital on a more consistent basis, leading him into deal-making and facilitation on an international scale.  While perfecting his deal-making and negotiation skills he noted that urban entertainment was a marketplace that yielded high returns while simultaneously presenting high risks. Born without the “fear” gene in his DNA he was not afraid to try and fail, so he pursued this entertainment area relentlessly. His motivation was based in the shorter time-frames from investment to ROI which provided liquidity that could be injected into other lower risk business models.

After some terrible experiences with both volatile events and investors in 2009 & 2010 he officially left the urban entertainment space and focused on more stable business models. Mr. Dryer no longer works or invests in the entertainment area nor does he engage an business with outside investors of any kind or any level. If the transaction cannot be funded by himself alone he simply does not participate. Although he has left the entertainment sector in 2010 he still remains proud of his accomplishments and lessons learned in the space during his time there. Some highlights of Mr. Dryer’s urban entertainment related work include several UK based tours for Ludacris and the successful product placement of the Motorola Accompli 009 device with Jay Z of Rocafella Records in 2001.  While the US was experiencing economic downturn, overall business and access to consumer credit in emerging markets such as Brazil was steadily rising and Mr Dryer was there to witness it all. The Brazilian market was both challenging and rewarding as he made a lager cultural impact on the space in general although the financial benefit was non-existent and brutal. Loss and the experience of loss still holds for him as the greatest form of education, as a result he has arisen from the ashes as a more competent wise and risk adverse individual.

Since 2000 Mr Dryer formed and conducted business internationally via his offshore holding company ENVCA. Prior to forming ENVCA, Mr. Dryer enjoyed a great deal of success with AmpVille Car Audio Service Centers brand.  Starting at the age of 19 after being put out of college for poor grades he turned a $500 personal loan into $500,000 in gross revenue in 3 years.  An entrepreneur and world traveler at heart, he re-invested his profits and began to do business overseas.  In the Bahamas he helped import Christmas Trees during the holiday season with his lifelong mentor and father figure Allen Albury. At the age of 23 he left the automotive electronics business and began to work within the venture capital and finance environment.

Mr Dryer’s newest initiative is expansion into the Asia-Pacific realm where he has aligned himself with high level business and governmental partners.  He has furthered his education at the Thunderbird School of Global Management with a focus in Oil and Gas, from which he holds an executive certificate. In early 2014 he was also honored with a honorary doctorate degree in international business and finance for having successfully executed international business for 20 years with no formal degree. As he approaches 40 years of age Mr Dryer has fulfilled his long-term goal of launching  his own fund and is working on his 5th book Power Is.

Mr Dryer is a husband and father and lives by the phrase he penned himself “Your power to create is the only true security you have“, and creating the future he has always wanted is the purest expression of this statement.

Work experience


Managing Director

Private Asset Monetization Company
Helping clients turn untapped assets into usable financial liquidity

Founder & Director

Business Development



Executive Global Certificate in Oil & Gas

Thunderbird University

Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters

CICA International University & Seminary


Devry Institute of Technology


Native Fluency: English, Portuguese
Intermediate Fluency:  Spanish