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Executive Summary

A self-motivated and result driven, detail oriented analyst whose perseverance and big picture vision promote innovative and practical solutions. Adept at leadership using a collaborative cross functional teamwork, reporting metrics to achieve continuous improvement in dynamic environments. Proven record of streamlining time frames and cutting costs across several business models. Key skills include:

  • Building Strategic Partnerships       • Contract Negotiations       
  • Operational Leadership                  • Financial Costing & Analysis           
  • US Customs Compliance                 Customer Service                           
  •  Supplier Management

Professional Skills and Accomplishments

Import, Compliance and Legal Expertise

  • Interpreted and navigated US Customs' regulations, laws and codes (i.e. NAFTA, TPL, insular possessions, HTS) which reduced dutiable values up to 32%
  • Oversaw and coordinated commercial leases for 32 retail mall locations, identified and minimized poor performing locations and lowered rental cost by up to 10% at renewal locations
  • Researched and secured registration of US Trademarks, saved in excess of $12,000 in legal fees

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Implemented lean principles to provide metrics and reports to bring profit and loss visibility by customer and department which lead to more efficient pricing and increased gross profit margins by up to 6%
  • Discovered error in POS sales tax collection rates saved company almost $50,000 in due but uncollected tax annually

Management, Administration and Implementation                                       

  • Designed, set up and implemented online container tracking system that gave real time tracking across the organization and resulted in better planning and turn time saved the company up to 30 % labor and trucking fees.
  • Instilled a corporate mindset of proactive staff and task planning and cross team communications, which reduced temporary labor cost over $120,000 annually

Work experience


Consultant Business Operations / International Supply Chain / Financial Analysis

CL Apparel Marketing Inc.

Consultant for business operations and finance of USA entity of China based manufacturer exporting mostly from Bangladesh. Counsel for corporate planning and strategy to maintain government compliance, billing, payroll and income taxes.

  • Orchestrated the international supply chain with factories, freight forwarders, customs brokers, warehouses and customers, which eliminated need for US based staff and saved over $100,000 in payroll annually
  •  Spearheaded incorporation of CA entity, US Customs import eligibility, and organization of business model to achieve profitable operations in the dynamic marketplace
  • Built strategic partnerships, streamlined time frames to customer, lowered costs per piece and increased customer satisfaction which grew primary customer’s revenues by 150%

General Manager Business Operations

DG Logistics LLC

Responsible for third party logistics operations servicing mainly apparel and home goods clients both B2B and B2C. Improved communications and work flow across the organization with cross functional team building, goal setting, reporting and proactive planning. Managed staff and budgets for 100 personnel for a 200,000 square foot facility.

  • Established flexible work groups across departments, increased reporting and planning, automation and accountability, to lower operational costs as a percentage of revenue by as much as 17 %
  • Captured missing and under reported billable services and maximized most profitable projects raising department revenues by 25%
  • Negotiated lower supply, service and leased equipment cost through vendor competition, building strategic partnerships and flexible use of materials and equipment saving 15-20%


Business Operations and Finance

Retail Group LLC / Romy Stores

Applied operational and profit and loss responsibility expertise to cut costs and streamline operations for a Pacific Northwest based specialty retail chain of 32 stores owned by a Asian manufacturer. Oversaw retail property development, acquisition, and negotiations as well as store and chain level forecasting, budget and analysis.

  • Turned around retail company suffering from over expansion and lack of operational systems and achieved profitability in less than 2 years.
  • Negotiated freight common carrier contracts, saved the chain over $100,000 annually
  • Developed and implemented requisition forms and store budget reports to cut supply, maintenance and repair cost by 15%

General Manager - (USA Office)

Onwel California Inc. / Division of Onwel Group of Companies

Structured and directed a USA office in support of Hong Kong based Onwel Group of Companies, a garment manufacturer, trading company, shoe and apparel distributor and retailer. As group's USA representative, managed and increased customer base, structured international transactions, organized supply chain, produced USA market research for product development and controlled all finances, budgets and taxes.

  • Directed USA private label division of China based garment manufacturer to quadruple annual sales to over $8 million dollars
  • Championed in-house Electronic Data Interchange system which streamlined the international supply chain, increased revenue per employee over 25% and was adopted by the Hong Kong headquarters
  • Published US Customs country of origin legal precedence for multiple country production which saved up to 35% in cost of goods sold


Certified Supply Chain Analyst Certification

Published U.S. Customs Legal Precedence Review

Published US Customs country of origin legal precedence for multiple county production. Streamlined the international supply chain and cut production and duty costs.

MAGIC Trade Show Booth

  • Directed company's most successful trade show in coordination with sales and merchandising teams which strengthened brand awareness in the marketplace

Garment Dye Finishing Production Unit

  • Developed and operated garment dye finishing production unit which reduced delivery lead times up to 50%

Retail Specialty Store Business Plan

  • Authored a business plan to open specialty retail stores for unique sportswear product line resulting in a investment capital go to market strategy


Eric Flicker


Driving Operational Excellence with Global Solutions and

International Supply Chain Expertise


As a Business Operations Executive and International Supply Chain Professional in the apparel and consumer products industry, Eric has always used his passion to analyze and improve businesses and grow their profits in the dynamic marketplace.

He possesses an impressive blend of experience and skills and has shown a dynamic ability to take on challenges and meet or exceed objectives. His hands on detail oriented approach using analytics to create metrics and KPI’s has allowed him to build cross functional consensus to achieve practical and innovative solutions.

Eric began his apparel career in Hong Kong with Onwel Group of Companies, and throughout has demonstrated an ability to work in sync with Asian based manufacturers which continued with the Retail Group and CL Apparel Marketing. He has also directed business operations across several different business models including import, wholesale, logistics, retail and online.

He has orchestrated the process from design and merchandising, sourcing and vendor management, importation including US Customs and governmental compliance, logistics strategy development, financial costing and analysis, operational leadership and through customer satisfaction.

Eric’s success has been built not only on his diligent work ethic and continuous improvement mentality, but his ability to build strategic partnerships, implement policies and procedures, and streamline time frames.

A few of his accomplishments in his latest roles are included below.

  • Directed USA private label division of China based garment manufacturer to quadruple annual sales to over $8 million dollars.
  • Published US Customs country of origin legal precedence for multiple country production which saved up to 35% in cost of goods sold.
  • Turned around retail company suffering from overexpansion and lack of operational systems to achieve profitability in less than 2 years.
  • Devised a cost accounting methodology and profit and loss visibility to ownership on a customer and procedural level to increase gross profit margin by up to 6%


Eric Flicker

[email protected]

Additional Training

Additional Training

  • Certifications: Certified Supply Chain Analyst, NAFTA, CTPAT, 10+2 Importer Security, QuickBooks,
  • Skills: Microsoft Office 365, US Customs' website including CROSS, EDI systems, Warehouse Management Systems, and US Patent and Trademark Office's TESS