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Work experience

Teaching subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • ICT Basics
  • Office Suite (MS Word; MS Excel; MS PowerPoint; MS Access)
  • Computer Technologies
  • Computer Networks
  • Algorithmics
  • Programming Languages (Pascal; C; C++; Visual C#)
  • Operating Systems (Windows/Linux)
  • HTML Programming
  • Image Processing
  • Audio/Video Edition
Sep 1994Present


Esc. Sec. Joaquim Carvalho


Sep 2007Jul 2008


Universidade de Aveiro

Specialization in Computer Science aims to explore mathematical concepts that underlie the operation and use of computer systems. It aims at developing adaptability in the specification and definition of efficient strategies for solving a wide range of practical problems in areas such as: Programming and Language Processing, Analysis and Verification Systems, Intelligent Systems, Data Mining Knowledge , Geometric modeling, Graphical View, etc.. Currently, it is essential to the adaptability provided by a solid theoretical foundation. In this sense, parallel to the necessary experience in the use of current technologies, concepts will be studied in areas such as computer modeling, Semigroups and Automata Theory and Language Processing, Complexity Theory, Algorithms and Computational Geometry, Cryptographic Systems, Algebraic Specification, Logical Foundations of Computer Science, etc..



Faculdade Ciências Universidade do Porto

This degree provides a solid background in programming, within special emphasis on the science that made ​​it possible for computers beeing now a powerful and indispensable tool.

Skills in the areas of programming, information systems, management systems and networks, and web technologies, and capacity on its own or in teams, developing computer applications of reasonable size, knowing how to make the appropriate choice of algorithms, languages, libraries and user interfaces.


Artistic Skills
Photography ( Reading ( Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator (
Organizational Skills
Through personal experience accumulated over a long way, I emphasize: Organization, targeting and guidance. Ability to adapt to diverse business environments.
Social Skills
Strong integration capabilities and ease of interaction, dialogue and collaboration. Team spirit. Responsibility and rigor. Greater ability to adapt to new multicultural environments. Great communication skills / exposure.
Information Technologies Skills
Specific Subjects: Network Topologies Microsoft Office Suite MS Excel Expert Windows OS Personnal and Server Linux OS's Programming Languages (​​Pascal / C / C + + / Visual C #) Web pages development (HTML / CSS / PHP / JavaScript / PHP / mySQL) Bitmap / Vector image processing Handling audio / video CMS / LMS Tools (Microsoft Class Server, Moodle, Joomla) Statistical analysis software Data Mining Tools Open Source Software
Technical Skills
Through personal experience accumulated over a long time, I emphasize: Theoretical/practical deep organizational functioning of a school or training center. Comprehensive knowledge in the area of new ICTs. Design, implementation and administration of computer networks Strong knowledge in the field of statistical information. Basics of Graphic Design


Understanding and doing better every passing day.


  • General Science and Computer Systems Technologies
  • Space and Astronomy subjects
  • Reading
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design (bitmapped and vectorial)
  • Data Mining Knowledge processes (KDD)
  • Assessment process in education
  • New technologies applied in learning process
  • Economics and financial evolution


ICT and Mathematics Teacher.

Professional School Center Trainer.



Interests & Skills

Published Work


CAP - Certificado de Aptidão Profissional


First Certificate in English

University of Cambridge