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It is my desire to come across challenges and conquer them quickly and efficiently. A teamwork environment is the place for me and I will stay one step ahead, testing what it means to go above and beyond. 

Work experience

Sep 2010Jun 2011

Star Associate

Grand Ole Opry (Gaylord ENT)
  • Event Set-Up Crew
  • Deliver items to artists or various places around the Opry plaza
  • Greeting guests
  • Assisted with making sure health code status is up to par
  • Being a vital part of the Operations Department
Aug 2005May 2011

Sound Designer/Public Relations

Trevecca Nazarene Univeristy

Sound Design/Lighting Design for

  • Theatre Productions
  • Concerts
  • Recitals
  • Musicals
  • Public Relations for Traveling Music groups
  • Musical Dinners

Note: The crews in these groups have been very small so I have had to do a lot of designing as well as the other grunt work such as wiring correct signal flow (Visual and Audio), rigging ParCans, rotating programmable MAC lights and lampsoidals, programming scenes and lighting effects in DAS Light, LUMIDESK, and other softwares, assigning addresses for individual lights and dimmer packs, White balancing HD cameras, Programming digital sound mixers and light software/hardware for scenes, recalling and updating scenes on a whim, repairing connections effectively when needed (cat5, XLR, DVI, Coax, mini Coax, RGB, RCA, BNC, etc.), EQing a room, pulling bad frequencies out, creating adapters on the fly, specific compression for individual voices and scenes (specific attack, release, and thresholds), programming mic radio frequencies, setting up and tearing down equipment. 

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Event Sales and Services Intern

Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC)
  • Maintained event calendar and made corrections as needed
  • Contributed in settlement meetings during performances
  • Assisted the house staff as needed
  • Assisted to my designated Event Manager on Duty during a performance
May 2006Aug 2009

Information Technology Student Technician

Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Audio/Visual Support and Technician
  • installed various classroom technology such as Apple computers, displays, projectors
  • Installed various software on several machines including operations systems, Crestron, SmartBoard, and other classroom appropriate programs
  • Assisted with IT help calls and troubleshooting as needed 
  • Performed precise and efficient hardwire wiring, organization is key
Aug 2005May 2009

Lab Assistant (Apple)

Trevecca Nazarene Univeristy
  • Assisted students who need Mac computer help in an Apple Computer lab on campus
  • Shared knowledge of applications such as recording software, Office Suites, Adobe Suites, and music transcription programs such as Finale
  • Assisted students with certain external interfaces required for audio recording and editing.


May 2011

Associates Degree

Trevecca Nazarene Univeristy


Computer Programming
Customer Service
Sign Language


Jackson Schoos

Bryan Guy

Trudy Barber

David Patrick

I've worked with Eric in a number of capacities throughout his time at Trevecca Nazarene University. Eric is always professional, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. His reliability as a student made him stand out among his peers. His attention to detail when handling the technical aspects of audio visual production was always high. He brought creative ideas to the table and was always willing to do what it took to make the production or situation the best it could be. I enjoyed working with Eric and would recommend him to anyone seeking top-notch production assistance. 

August 23, 2009    

Jeff Frame

Brent Christopher

Ryan Grigsby

Eric Baldwin is a phenominal sound engineer. He worked for the traveling Public Relations group EverPraise as their sound guy. From set-up to tear down Eric knew what he was doing and no questions were asked. During the groups concerts, the sound was always superb. This guy has endless creativity with sound and lights!

January 4, 2010 

Sam Green

Eric operated the sound during the chapel services which I coordinated the music. He did an excellent job in working with a variety of personalities as the worship leaders varied from week to week. He always maintained a professional demeanor.

July 6, 2009 

Rusty Hall