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Work experience


Electronic seller

Ecosto, Hakaradio

Use communication skills to sell stuff and talk to other people. Use math to count different prices for electronic stuff. Use your muscles to carry and move light and heavy electronic stuff to other place.



Worked just in my own home

Use communication skills with childrens and adults.  To work in various environments. Use physical skills to play with childrens.



Foreign exchange

Genoa-Kingston Highschool

High school graduating year will be 2016.


Working with childrens

It is really important to like childrens if you have to see them everyday. Have to be understanding and nice to them.


You have to get along with different persons. And you have to be understanding that all don't have same physical skills.

Understanding of the work

You have to understand what you have to do in your work.Understand your work times and sports what you do in lessons.


You have to be sporty that you can teach students how to do different sport techniques right. And understand different sport hobbies how to play it and know rules for it.


You have to speak with students if something is wrong or they do some things wrong. And you have to be helpful and help if they need it.

Work speed 

You have to end lessons in time and start in time. You also have to do all sport things what you have to do in one lesson. You always have to be on time.